Hershey's Introduces New Chocolate Bars Sure to Elevate Campfire S'mores

Hershey's chocolate bars are dependably yummy chocolate treats, perfect for snacking, baking, Easter egg hunts, or enjoying in a warm, melty s'more. Although you can never replace the classics, the Hershey Company has recently come out with three new delicious flavors that will bring your s'mores game to a whole new level.

Milton Hershey had it right when he created the classic Hershey's milk chocolate bar, but variations like Hershey's special dark chocolate or Reese's peanut butter cups are tasty options as well. However, few Hershey's products are as fun and flavorful as their new ice cream-inspired creme candy bars!

Red White & Blue Cookies 'N' Creme

Loaded with patriotic goodness, this red white & blue cookies 'n' creme bar is perfect for July 4th s'mores!

Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake bar is made with white creme and rainbow sprinkles, ideal for a sweet, white chocolate delight.

Cookies 'N' Mint

Cookies 'N' Mint is fun and refreshing flavor, featuring mint creme and chocolate cookie bits. For all who love mint chocolate chip ice cream, this flavor is for you.

Strawberries 'N' Creme

Another creme-base option, the Strawberries 'N' Creme combines white creme with strawberry flakes, making for a sweet and fruity snack.

If you prefer to stick to the basics when it comes to Hershey Chocolate Company sweets, here are some other delicious options! Whether you're looking for bulk candy or a mini chocolatey snack, you can head to Amazon or to stock your pantry with sweetness.

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