most popular toys of all time

Here's the Most Popular Christmas Toy From the Year You Were Born

There's nothing like being a kid on Christmas morning and finding the toy you've been wishing for all year under the tree. No feeling can compare. Over the decades, the most desired toys have turned from simple board games and action figures to technologically advanced gaming systems and gadgets. It's really no surprise with the way technology plays a role in kid's lives these days, though.

When I was a kid my request pretty much every year was for Barbie, except for the year everyone had to have a Tamagotchi, of course. I would spend hours playing with my Barbie dolls. Seeing them in the store still makes me think of my childhood. I think my parents are still trying to forget about the year my brother and I insisted on getting a Furby though. My mom says those were the second most annoying toys we ever got, following the hundreds of Pokémon cards my brother would spread out all over the living room floor.

Livingly compiled a list of the most popular Christmas toy from each year, starting in 1963. It's astounding to see how much things have changed. But it's also pretty amazing to see that some of the classic best-selling toys and games (like play-doh, G.I. Joe, and nerf guns) are still just as beloved today.

This list of toys weren't just the most popular during the holidays either. These were the toys to have during the time. From the slinky or yo-yo, to cabbage patch dolls and the toys based on our favorite tv shows (Ghostbusters anyone?), toys are not only magical for children. They really have the power of nostalgia for adults to look back fondly on our youth. 

This list from 1963-1990 shows what popular toy was a hot commodity the year you were born! Get nostalgic looking at the classics and not the beanie babies, complicated game consoles and razor scooters that most likely dominated the early 90s. And nothing from Disney's Frozen which has been slowly taking over the past few years.

1963: Easy-Bake Oven

1964: G.I. Joe

1965: Operation

1966: Twister

1967: Battleship

1968: Hot Wheels

1969: Chemistry Set

1970: Lite Brite

1971: Space Hoppers

1972: Uno

1973: Walkie Talkies

1974: Tonka Toy Trucks

1975: Pet Rocks

1976: Connect Four

1977: Star Wars Action Figures

1978: Simon

1979: Atari VCS

1980: The Rubik's Cube

1981: Lego Trains

1982: BMX Bikes

1983: Cabbage Patch Kids

1984: Transformers

1985: Nintendo

1986: Laser Tag

most popular toys of all time


1987: Jenga

1988: Starting Lineup

1989: Game Boy

1990: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

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