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‘Halloween’: How to Watch The Terrifying Michael Myers Movies in Chronological Order

The ultimate guide to John Carpenter's iconic franchise.

The Halloween franchise is one of the most iconic and enduring series in the horror genre. Created by John Carpenter, the original Halloween film was released in 1978, introducing audiences to the masked and relentless killer, Michael Myers, who has now been haunting every October 31 for over four decades.

Halloween kicked off the Golden Age of Slasher Films, which lasted from 1978 to 1984. In the years following its release, over a hundred films borrowed Carpenter's frightful, yet effective, formula: a menacing and mysterious figure — usually masked and silent — hunts down an attractive group of young adults, picking them off one by one with increasingly gruesome methods. Integral to his recipe for horror is the concept of the "final girl" — the last woman standing who somehow manages to fight another day. And another day. And another day (slasher films tend to have lots of sequels). So many sequels, in fact, that keeping them straight can be a downright laborious task (there are three separate films simply called Halloween — all entirely different. What a mess! How confusing!) But not to worry, horror fans, we're here to help.

Here's how to watch every single film in the expansive and iconic Halloween franchise in chronological order.

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