Lainey Wilson and Hardy perform "Wait in the Truck"

Hardy, Lainey Wilson Bring Blazing 'Wait in the Truck' to 'The Tonight Show'

Hardy and Lainey Wilson had the chance to showcase their fiery duet "Wait in the Truck" center stage on a recent episode of Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The two joined the show on Wednesday, Jan. 25 to sing the tune, which is currently a Top 10 radio hit.

After being introduced by Fallon, Hardy kicked off the slow-burning first verse in which he tells the song's story about a man who picks up a woman on the side of the road. He continued singing while blue lights shone around him, revealing more of the story with each line. Wilson then joined with her explosive voice in the chorus, and white spotlights began to shine as she carried the higher notes of the song. The two continued to trades lines throughout the performance, slowing detailing how the man in the song took justice into his own hands to save the woman from her abuser.

As they do in the recorded version of the song, the two continued singing the lyrics, "Have mercy on me," through to the end of the song, adding to the intensity with each line. At the end of the performance, the two met eyes as Hardy sang the final "wait in the truck," and the two looked at one another for a few seconds before transitioning into smiles as the audience cheered.

"Wait in the Truck" was released as a single in August 2022, and it is featured on Hardy's new album, The Mockingbird and The Crow. Soon after the release of the song, Hardy shared the cinematic music video, featuring Wilson, which visually tells the song's story. They performed the song live on the CMA Awards in November.

Wilson is currently touring on her Country with a Flare Tour through the end of March, and Hardy will kick off his 2023 touring schedule on Feb. 16 in Indianapolis.

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