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Hard Seltzer Cocktails Usher In the Warmer Months With Refreshing Zing

Hard seltzer has exploded lately with several brands vying for the top spot. While you can drink hard seltzer on its own, it makes a great mixer for classic cocktails. Before we dive into cocktails, we need to understand, what is hard seltzer, and what makes a hard seltzer cocktail?

Hard seltzer is also referred to as spiked seltzer or hard sparkling water. It's made by combining carbonated water with fruit flavors and alcohol. The alcohol content is the same as a light beer, around 4-6% ABV.

One of the benefits of hard seltzer drinks is their low-calorie count. One can typically only has around 100 calories. This is far healthier than sugary mixed drinks or frozen cocktails.

If you want to keep it super simple, add some fresh fruit to your hard seltzer to enhance the flavor. We like adding a fresh squeeze of grapefruit to a Truly Grapefruit. If you're drinking seltzer from a glass, add frozen strawberries to make adorable and fun ice cubes.

It seems like every major alcohol brand has jumped on the hard seltzer bandwagon. The most popular hard seltzers are still White Claw and Truly. Most brands have branched off from more than just hard seltzer. Truly also produces a rose and Budweiser produces a bud light seltzer. These are all available to pick up at your local market or liquor store.

We've found the best hard seltzer cocktails, so dust off your cocktail shaker, grab a highball glass, and get ready to have the best summer ever.

Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes

Aperol Spritz

hard seltzer cocktial recipes

Cookie and Kate

An Aperol spritz is the quintessential summer cocktail. It's already made with Prosecco, so adding in some sparkling seltzer makes this even more bubbly. Fruit flavors like orange, lemon, and grapefruit would pair well with this.

Get the recipe here.


hard seltzer cocktails

A Couple Cooks

This margarita uses fresh lime juice as well as White Claw natural lime seltzer to amp up the citrus flavor. Agave nectar provides some sweetness to balance the tang from the lime.

Get the recipe here.

Vodka Soda

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Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

A classic vodka soda combines vodka with club soda. Sub in your hard seltzer of choice and voila, a new flavorful take on the vodka soda.

Get the recipe here.

Wine Spritzer

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My Kitchen Love

A wine spritzer is a delicious easy-to-make drink made with wine, soda water, bitters, and citrus. We suggest using your favorite hard seltzer in place of the soda water.

Get the recipe here.


hard seltzer cocktails

Love and Lemons

A mojito screams refreshing summer cocktail with fresh mint leaves and white rum. Substitute lime hard seltzer for the club soda for an even better cocktail. Make sure to muddle the mint leaves to release the most flavor. Garnish your glass with a lime wedge and pretend you're on vacation.

Get the recipe here.

White Claw Slushies

hard seltzer cocktails

Simple IPs At Home

The White Claw obsession is here to stay. One of the newest takes on the drink is an alcoholic slushie. To make the slushie combine one can of White Claw mango with one shot of vodka and one cup of frozen strawberries. Blend with ice and enjoy with a straw.

Get the recipe here.

Knock-Off French 75

Styled To Sparkle

The classic French 75 is made with champagne, gin, lemon juice, and sugar. You can save yourself some money by swapping hard seltzer for the champagne.

Get the recipe here.

White Claw Martini

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A martini is arguably one of the most timeless and classic cocktails. This one has all the usual components with the addition of a white claw.

For this recipe combine half a can of the White Claw of your choosing, cranberry juice, amaretto liqueur, and vodka. Stir everything together and garnish with a lemon or lime wedge.

Get the recipe here.

Non-Alcoholic Variations

You don't have to consume alcohol to make an awesome bubbly beverage. You can mix your favorite fruit juice, like orange juice with club soda and a squeeze of lime juice.

A watermelon mojito mocktail is a fun take on the classic cocktail, sans alcohol. Combine fresh watermelon juice, mint leaves, sugar, and club soda.

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