'Happy's Place' Release Date, How To Watch, Schedule, And Cast
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'Happy's Place' Release Date, How To Watch, Schedule, And Cast

Happy's Place is Reba McEntire's upcoming redemption from the horrendous cancellation of her popular sitcom, Reba. To witness McEntire's televised return to form, I've compiled everything you'd possibly need to know about the new NBC sitcom!

'Happy's Place' Release Date And Schedule

You're going to be so annoyed with me right out of the gate. As of this writing, Happy's Place has a tentative release window of "Fall 2024." While that may not be concrete, I can confirm that it'll start airing weekly on Fridays at 8 PM ET.

How To Watch 'Happy's Place'

Fortunately, this has a less complicated answer than Yellowstone's "How To Watch" question! You'll be able to view Happy's Place on NBC if you're watching on Live TV. Otherwise, you can swing on over to Peacock for streaming purposes! The show will stream on Peacock on Saturdays, the day after the live airing.

Who's On The Cast For 'Happy's Place'?

Reba McEntire (Bobbie), of course. Belissa Escobedo will play her plucky half-sister, Isabella. McEntire's real-life boyfriend, Rex Linn, will be playing the bar's short-order cook. McEntire will also be reunited with a familiar Reba co-star, Melissa Peterman, who will play the bar's affable bartender! Pablo Castelblanco and Tokala Black Elk are set to star, too, but their roles haven't been disclosed yet.

What Is 'Happy's Place' About?

NBC had the perfect logline for the show! "In Happy's Place, McEntire plays Bobbie, who inherits her father's restaurant and is less than thrilled to discover that she has a new business partner in her half-sister Isabella she never knew she had."

What Are Reba McEntire's Thoughts About 'Happy's Place'?

"It's lots of fun. I love all genres of entertainment. But the sitcoms are so much fun, cause it's a brand new script every week. And you're just having fun. It's really hard memorizing dialogue you have to do, but it ain't my first rodeo. I do love it. And it's just playtime. We have a blast with it," McEntire told Entertainment Tonight.

"It's gonna be that heartfelt, fun, funny, laugh at our silliness. But also, [you'll] be touched with the heart in our show."