The 8 Easter Ham Recipes Even the Pickiest Eaters Will Love

Any holiday that revolves around a centerpiece dish can get kind of stressful. After all, the food is the star of the show after celebrating. In the case of Easter, there is nothing like a holiday ham. Easter Ham is the perfect dish for this (and other) holidays because it's a familiar, yet versatile, meat.  Ham pairs well with many flavors, making it easy to create a unique dish every time. Sweet, savory and succulent glazes, sauces and chutneys create a combination of flavors that will refresh anyone's Easter brunch with a touch of easy elegance.

Also, pork is healthy for you. According to the National Nutrient Database,

"Pork is both a good source of protein and also provides several important vitamins and minerals. A 3-ounce serving of pork is an "excellent" source of thiamin, selenium, protein, niacin, vitamin B6 and phosphorus, and a "good" source of riboflavin, zinc, and potassium."

If you've been associating pork or flavorful baked ham with the fatty cuts you were served as a kid, think again. Today's pork is 16 percent leaner and 27 percent lower in saturated fat compared to 20 years ago.

The National Pork Board has set up a website dedicated to all things pork. hopes to help home cooks with their pork recipes and share some facts about what we used to call "the other white meat."  Just choose your cut of meat how you want to cook it. Easter dinner couldn't be easier.

Cooking Tips to Make Your Easter Ham Recipe Perfect

1. Serve more than one ham glaze, sauce or chutney to ensure there's one for all of your guest's tastes!

2. Glazes, sauces and chutneys also pair well with pork roasts and a rack of pork, both equally impressive Easter centerpieces. Typical glazes include brown sugar, apricot, Dr Pepper, pineapple juice, mustard glaze, and honey.

3. Save everything for leftovers.

Easter Ham Dinner Recipes

1. Grilled Ham with Citrus Glaze

Yes, even your ham can go on the grill! A mouthwatering combination of spices and sweet caramelized marmalade glaze will make this ham the center of attention.

Grilled asparagus would be a natural side dish alongside this ham! Get the recipe here for this main dish.

2. Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin has a neutral flavor. This recipe amps things up with loads of fresh herbs and spices. Bake this tenderloin in a small roasting pan as an alternative to the traditional glazed ham recipe.

Get the recipe here.

3. Grilled Pork Saltimboca

This Italian take on grilled pork incorporates the flavors of sage and Marsala wine. These crispy chops are not the spiral-cut ham you are used to.

Get the recipe here.

4. Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork with White Wine and Herbs

It's double the flavor when you wrap lean pork loin in luscious strips of prosciutto.

Get the recipe here.

5. Pork Chops Contadina

At famed restaurant Il Mulino in New York City, the chef marries meaty pork and spicy peppers for a new version of a traditional pork chop.

Get the recipe here

6. Baby Back Ribs with Pomegranate Sauce

Put a spring twist on your pork back ribs with this pomegranate sauce and you have Easter Ribs! Try serving with a light cucumber and tomato salad. Be sure to baste them with the BBQ sauce.

Get the recipe here

7. Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops

First stuff your chops with cheese, then wrap them in bacon for a decadent take on dinner.

Get the recipe here.

8. Chipotle Beer Apple Pork Loin

Apple beer and apple cider give this recipe a unique and delicious flavor. Get the recipe here. 


Transform tonight's dinner into tomorrow's lunch with these easy recipes.

1. BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

This recipe completely reinvents your leftover pork by turning it into everyone's second favorite pie: pizza!

Find the recipe here and get to grilling.

2. Ham and Sweet Potato Pot Pie

Chances are you're just mashing everything on your Easter dinner plate into one delicious pile, so just use that strategy for your leftovers with this savory pie that combines everything you love about Easter dinner into an easy catch-all casserole form.

Find the recipe here.

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