7 Cookie Cutter Sets for the Spookiest Halloween Decorated Cookies

I love holiday-themed baking, whether it's decorating heart cookies for Valentine's Day or making a gingerbread house for Christmas. Halloween is another holiday that's easy to get into the spirit of with some festive Halloween desserts. Whether you make a family of friendly ghosts with a cut-out sugar cookie or a creepy chocolate-chip frankenstein, baking Halloween cookies is a fun way to celebrate. Here are 7 spooky and cute cookie cutters to make Halloween decorated cookies!

1. 8 pcs Stainless Steel Halloween Cookie Cutters Set

This Halloween cookie cutter set has everything you need for the spookiest cookies in town. It includes a Halloween pumpkin cookie cutter, Halloween bat cookie cutter, witch hat cookie cutter, cat cookie cutter, vampire teeth cookie cutter, coffin cookie cutter, ghost cookie cutter and a broom cookie cutter. These stainless steel cookie cutters work great as a mold for pancakes, cookies, bread, fondant or craft clay. Plus, there's a recipe book included to make it even easier. These are the perfect decorating idea for the best Halloween party on the block.

2. 12 pcs Halloween Cookie Cutters and Stamper

This TEMUCY Halloween cookie cutters set is unique, with a shape cutter and stamper depending on what you're making. It includes 12 different cookie designs, like a pumpkin, ghost, witch, bat, spider cookies, and more for the ultimate cookie baking and cake decorating. Make cookie cutter pumpkin cookies or use the stamper to decorate cupcakes, and add extra pizzazz with Royal icing and sprinkles. Nothing says "trick or treat" like a Halloween-themed cookie!

3. 3 pcs Halloween Cookie Cutters With Booklet

This classic Halloween set covers the basics when it comes to Halloween cookie decorating. Made by Ann Clark Cookie Cutters, it includes a pumpkin, ghost and bat shape, along with a recipe booklet full of delicious recipes if you want to try something other than Halloween sugar cookies. This set is perfect for getting creative with your cookies and trying out new holiday recipes.

4. 8 pcs Halloween Cookie Cutters Set

Another classic, this set includes a pumpkin, witches hat, ghost, bat and cat. There are multiple sizes of the ghost and pumpkin to add variety to your Halloween treats. These are made with stainless steel, with a decorative plastic cover to protect hands as you create your Halloween masterpieces. Make DIY cookies, or try these out on doughnuts, English muffins, ravioli, cheese, crumpets, or tarts. You can make black icing for your cat, white for your ghost, and more by using food coloring in your recipe.

5. 9 pcs Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

This 9 piece set is ideal for making multiple iterations of the same theme. With 3 variations of a ghost, pumpkin, and bat, you can make a whole family of each kind. For your Halloween decorated cookies, make a few different jack-o-lanterns, or make a whole batch of ghosts! These biscuit cutters are made with stainless steel and are heat resistant and anti-rust, making them durable and long-lasting. Use these for Halloween party decorations or spooky Halloween treats for trick or treaters.

6. Hibery 9 Pcs Halloween Cookie Cutters Set

This Hibery Halloween cookie cutters set switches it up with its shapes, adding in unique options like a skull cookie cutter for Day of the Dead and a candy corn cookie cutter. If you're looking to make Halloween cookies but want to try some new shapes, this set is the way to go. These are made with stainless steel, with a smooth edge for safety and a non-stick surface so they don't get stuck on the sugar cookie dough.

7. 12 pcs JOYIN Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

This JOYIN Halloween cookie cutter set has lots of variety to make a wide selection of Halloween decorated cookies, like a black cat, spider web cookie cutter, witch broom, and Halloween candy. There are some shapes that are unique, like the witch on a broom and the haunted house, so this is a good option for versatility. This kit can be used on many different materials, helping to spice up any holiday party. Here's a sugar cookie recipe and icing recipe to make the cutest Halloween cookies.

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