"As Luck Would Have It" Hallmark St. Patrick's Day movies
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These Hallmark Movies Set in Ireland Are Perfect for St. Patrick's Day

Fall in love with the Emerald Isle's moss-grown castles, rolling green hillsides and enchanting forests.

Searching for some feel-good TV to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year? Then you're in luck. Hallmark has a selection of films perfect for the occasion.

These cozy and heartwarming romantic comedies take us to Ireland, a gorgeous setting that you'll love just as much as the characters at the center of the dramas — if not more. These movies are replete with stunning moss-grown castles, rolling green hillsides and enchanting forests teeming with thousands of years of tradition. They serve as a tour across the immaculate Emerald Isle, where you'll dance a jig, drink a pint or two of Guinness and bake traditional Irish soda bread with the proud and vibrant locals.

The road to Ireland is less traveled for Hallmark. Only a handful of movies have used her picturesque landscape as a backdrop. But this rarity only adds to the charm of the films. Each feels unique and offers a place to rest your eyes that isn't a small town in the U.S. Don't get me wrong — I'll never tire of the quaint, Christmassy cities in which 90% of Hallmark movies reside. Nevertheless, it's nice to take a trip abroad every now and then.

Scroll through for four Hallmark original movies that'll have you river-dancing with joy this St. Patrick's Day.

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