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4 of the Best Hair Brushes for a Flawless DIY Blow Out

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When I used to work in a corporate office at a law firm, I would make sure each week's schedule includes a visit to Dry Bar for a blow out. Working from home for the past few years, however, spoiled me as I learned how to do these blow outs from the comfort of my own apartment. Blow drying one's hair is not difficult if you have the right tools: that is the right hair dryer and hair brush. Nowadays though, there are tools that are a hybrid between hairdryer and brush so you only need one tool instead of multiple items.

Finding the right hair brush means paying attention to the type of hair texture and hair length. Not all hair brushes are made equally, and not all of them can handle the heat of a blow dryer. For example, a thermal brush is a round or paddle brush made of a material that conducts heat and therefore, speeds up drying. Make sure that the brush you select has heat-resistant bristles for that smooth, salon-like finish your hair deserves. For those who want their blow out to feature looser waves, opt for a round brush that has a circular build resulting in waves or curls. Below we have selected some of our favorite brushes for blow drying depending on hair type and budget. Choose the right hair brush for your hair and truly see the difference in how your hair looks and feels and also speak to a hairstylist for additional tips on how to keep the blowout last a few days. If you get a few too many compliments, well, you can blame us!

1. Our Favorite Brush

AIMIKE Round Brush - Amazon, $13.99

Here's a quick dermatology lesson for you: The human scalp produces an oil called sebum, which mixes with fat molecules (lipids) to form a protective coating on the skin's surface. In turn, the sebum actually protects the hair. By using this round brush (made of boar bristles), the sebum will be spread around the scalp, lubricating hair strands and reducing frizz. For those who have mastered DIY blow outs, this is an ideal brush because it will heat up quickly and produce a speedy blowout. Remember, excessive heat to the hair can damage it in the long term, so any products that shorten the time hair is exposed to heat are helpful. Plus, this brush comes with four cute hair clips so that you can part your hair to your liking.

2. A Brush Perfect for Newbies

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Brush - Amazon, $32.49

There is nothing more that I love than convenience, and what's better than a hair brush plus hair dryer in one tool? This Revlon one-step hair brush has over 400,000 reviews on Amazon and for good reason. It's a favorite among thousands of users for many reasons, one being that it creates salon-worthy hair in under 10 minutes, even for inexperienced newbies. The brush features three heat and speed settings for a cool option for styling flexibility. Also, given the large size of the brush's head, it allows for larger amounts of hair to be styled at once so you can get on with your day while looking fabulous in no time. Pro tip: if you are traveling abroad, be careful not to pack this tool as it is only designed for 120 Volt USA outlets and will become damaged if used with a voltage converter or adapter.

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3. Best for When You're in a Rush

Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Hair Brush - Amazon, $49.49

If you're looking for more of a wavy/loose curl look instead of a traditional blow out, then this hair brush is for you. The one-step hair dryer and volumizer delivers gorgeous voluminous waves that are smooth and shiny. It looks like you just went to the beach without stepping a foot out the door. The brush is a little on the bulkier side, but works miracles on a range of different hair textures. Pair it with the "Tame Your Mane'' smoothing brush that detangles both wet and dry hair and defrizzes damaged or brittled hair.

4. A Brush That Does the Work for You

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Spin Air Rotating Styler Hot Air Brush - Walmart, $61.99

Giving yourself a blowout can feel like an arm workout with the amount of finessing and arm movements you are making. Give your arms a break and invest in this spin air rotating hot air brush by Conair that does the work for you. This tool has a rotating brush that rotates in both directions to maximize volume and curls for small, natural curls and waves. Though the brush is only 2-inches, it produces a full-bodied hair look in no time. Just a fair warning, some users have complained about the bristles losing their sturdiness after a few months, so proceed with caution and try to use the tool only on damp hair rather than dry. Also, this works best for those with longer hair than short hair!