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5 Hair Clips With Pearls That Will Embellish Your Effortless Festival Hairstyle

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Many will agree that festival outfits are more important than festival hair. We agree because chances are, your hair will end up in a bun or ponytail a couple of hours into Stagecoach, ACL, or CMA Fest. Luckily, your hair will be the least of your worries if you have to put it up, thanks to hair accessories. Grab a hair clip with pearls, and you might actually prefer showing up with your hair in an effortless bun.

We rounded up hair clips with pearls for buns, half-up-half-down styles, ponytails, and more hairstyles. These peal barrettes and pearl hair clips will take your messy, sweaty festival hair from basic to beautiful.

Why People Prefer Claw Clips Over Hair Ties

You may be wondering why claw clips are popular all of a sudden (same). I remember when my mom would wear them, so it's funny how I'm obsessed with them now too. A few reasons why I made the switch: They don't have a weird smell if you put your hair up when it's damp, they're easier to keep up with, and they're stylish and so much easier than tying my hair up multiple times. (Surely, these are safer for curly hair.)

Using hair ties in damp hair can create a weird smell, which you want to avoid if you don't blowdry it every day. Also, I never have a hard time finding a clip around my room, bathroom, or purse. There's always one handy, and I can never find a hair tie when I need it. Also, no more getting thick hair caught in hair ties!

Cute Pearl Clips for Festival Hairstyles

1. DEEKA 5 Pcs Large Pearl Hair Claw Clips

It's the year of the claw clip! (Sorry, Scrunchies, you're so 2019.) These trendy clips are perfect for thick hair. The pearl hair accessories set is made of strong and durable resin material, so the jaw clips won't snap off.

If you get too hot at the festival (or know you're going with your hair up), consider these clips to make your messy bun look more elegant.

2. KCHIES Pearl Hair Clips Gold for Women (2 pcs)

If you love parting your hair, consider this pearl hair clip set. You'll receive two snap clips to hold down flyaways or bangs. The golden hair barrettes are made of acrylic pearls, zinc casting, and gold plating. The rose gold plating makes them bright and pretty!

The hair accessories for women add bling to your 3rd-day hair, creating an updo that looks sleek and clean.

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3. PAGOW 12PCS Mini Pearl Claw Clip

This is Amazon's Choice for mini pearl hair clips. With 12 pieces, you'll be able to create a boho look for your favorite festival, or you can also save them for wedding hair! Bridal hair isn't complete without beautiful details. If you're a bridesmaid, consider these for your wedding hair if you have full reign over your hair and makeup look!

4. 30 Hair Pieces Wedding Pearl Hair Pins

Here's Amazon's Choice for pearl hair pins. The pearl bobby pins are a great alternative to your typical bobby pin choice.

Your updo will look beautiful, you won't even be upset that the humidity ruined your chance to wear your hair down! Go ahead and give your Dyson Airwrap a break, it's time to wear pearl accessories, even if they're faux pearls!

5. 6PCS Flower Hair Clips

These pearl flower clips are just too cute! You'll get six clips for clipping your hair completely up, half-up, or whatever your heart desires. They're ideal for medium to thick hair and are made from high-quality acrylic.

Embellish your hair with this clip if you love flowers (and pearls).

Your festival fit won't be complete without one of these options!