H-E-B Debuts Quest for Texas Best Competition with Super Bowl Commercial

It seems that just about every beloved Texas brand is hopping onto the Super Bowl commercial train. A few days after Shiner Bock and Spoetzl Brewery announced their first-ever Super Bowl commercial, H-E-B debuted their own commercial on Saturday, January 27. The commercial is an ode to Texas, can you spot your city in it? Featuring Texas country star Cowboy Troy, known for his inventive mix of country and hip hop, the commercial from H-E-B isn't just fun to watch.

It marks the beginning of the H-E-B's fifth annual Primo Picks Quest for the Texas Best content. If you've seen H-E-B commercials lately, you might remember the families that have debuted their products in the last five years. The Quest for Texas Best looks for one-of-a-kind products made in Texas that will be sold exclusively at H-E-B stores. The grand prize winner of the contest will receive $25,000 and a new Toyota Tundra, along with a chance to see their products on H-E-B shelves.


To enter the competition, you can apply here. Running from February 4 (Super Bowl Sunday) to March 18, the competition aims to seek out and celebrate the best Texas-made products on the market from whoever offers the best. H-E-B launched the competition as a way to honor the 'Texas Best' products in hometowns across the state, and businesses have been encouraged to submit their foods or beverage products for the last five years. The commercial kicks off the competition in Texas markets.

The 60-second spot kicks off the contest and will premiere between the Super Bowl's third and fourth quarters in most Texas towns. In San Antonio, the 30-second version will air with a minute-long version during the Big Game's halftime and the commercial will run through February. The Super Bowl ad is just one step in the Quest for Texas best. Cory Basso, H-E-B Group Vice President of Marketing and Advertising stated in the press release,

"At H-E-B, we're committed to searching every inch of the Lone Star State to find the finest, most unique items that showcase the flavors of Texas. We're on a mission, and Cowboy Troy's hip hop-country tunes provide a great backdrop for our Quest for Texas Best."

2017 Winners of the Quest for Texas Best Contest

Skull & Cakebones took home the top prize for their tasty Mocha Marmalade for $25,000. Two first place prizes were awarded at $20,000 each to The Texas Pecan Cake Shop's Lorraine's Original Mini Texas Pecan Cakes and to WarPig BBQ's For Use on Butts and Ribs Sauce.

You'll begin to see the 2017 winners on H-E-B shelves in 2018. Now who will you recommend for this competition? Get your Texas born-and-bred engines ready!

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