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H-E-B Employee Goes Viral For Unique Sales Pitch

A San Antonio, Texas, H-E-B employee caught the attention of one local customer with his unique sale pitch, prompting her to take a video of the employee's original rap about the store's deal of the week.

Jessica Neira shops at the H-E-B store on the corner of Culebra Road and Northwest 24th Street, but says the customer service there has been unimpressive, at least until she wound up with H-E-B employee Dabi Arreola as her checker. On September 20, she went through Arreola's line with her purchases. They started chatting and then the cashier started rapping about the two for $5 Funyuns deal.

"It made my day," Neira told the San Antonio Express News. "From what I've learned about him over the past couple of days, a lot of people were like, 'we always try to go through his line because he's always just this happy guy, always trying to talk to everybody.'"

She asked Neira if she could take a video of the rap. He agreed and she later posted the video on Snapchat. The response to her post was enthusiastic, so she also placed the video on her Facebook page highlighting the great customer service.

The Facebook post says:

"So I always complain about the HEB near my parents house on Culebra and 24th. I feel like some workers there deliver bad customer service however this guy here not only delivered amazing customer service he took his job to another level to sell his weekly item. He held a great conversation and then put on a show for us.. Because of him I will definitely continue to shop there. I only wish they had more cashiers there who actually talked to the customer instead of talking to their partner next to them or bagging for them. Thanks Dabi for great service. Frito-Lay needs to see this!!

Ps. Yes I purchased the product from Dabi."

So far, the video has over 1,000 shares and around 68,000 views. A few people commented on the video that they shopped at the same store and that Arreola, who has worked at H-E-B for almost four years, was a favorite H-E-B employee. He's well known at the store for his unique approach to convincing people to buy products on sale at the store, having used rap, song, and dance to sell deals.

H-E-B employees, who are called H-E-B partners by the retail chain, are encouraged to sell discounted items at the store, which can make them eligible for prizes like gift cards or days off.

Neira returned to the store to make sure that Arreola had seen the video and the positive reaction to it.

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