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Texas Mom Takes Maternity Photos at H-E-B and It's Everything

When one imagines a maternity photo shoot, thoughts of soft pastels and bellowing bellies are usually at the forefront. Silk and linen and bunches of delicate flowers. Not for this Texas mom. Amy Scott of Montgomery, Texas wanted to show the real side of her pregnancy, the side that spent 40 weeks at the grocery store buying pickle cravings and figuring out what she was able to eat while pregnant.

Amy Scott wanted something real and different than her previous maternity photos with her first two kids. She shares with Today that her first two maternity photoshoots included gowns and "perfect hair and makeup." This pregnancy she was tired and wanted to try something simpler.

Amy's photographer, Lauren Giles of Studio 154 Photography, asked Amy what made her most comfortable. Amy's response, "eating." The duo came up with the idea of staging the maternity photoshoot at their local H-E-B grocery store after getting permission from the management.

Sporting a comfy outfit of jeans, a cardigan and a top knot, Amy and photographer Lauren walked around the store snapping photos with Amy's favorite foods. According to Lauren's blog the women had a blast walking around the store taking photos.

Baby Harrison was craving kettle corn, and we made a stop to cool the heartburn - introduced Amy to TUMS Smoothies (these are LIFESAVERS) - and continued our way throughout the store. We laughed till we cried and had a blast capturing all those Preggo favs. 

Since the store was still open for normal business, Amy and Lauren tried to avoid shoppers but when they did come across, most had odd or confused looks. Some even tried to hang out and watch what was going on.

The last stop was the frozen food aisle, specifically the ice cream. "I'm definitely craving ice cream," Amy said. "My favorite is chocolate with peanut butter chunks and chocolate chips. It is basically heaven in the spoon," Amy shares. She even brought her own spoon from home just in case she needed some Blue Bell ice cream.

The photos took off on social media and Lauren shared that she is getting multiple calls to take maternity photos that reflect the mom's personality just like Amy's H-E-B maternity shoot. While Lauren takes more photos, Amy is waiting to meet Baby Harrison who is due on June 1st.

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