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Guy Fieri Celebrates Thanksgiving in the Oddest Way Possible

Guy Fieri has always been know for his unconventional recipes, from his Texas French Toast Bananas Foster to his s'mores pizza recipe. When it comes to Thanksgiving, the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives star sticks to the theme, making recipes that only Guy Fieri could dream up. Although we're confident that his Thanksgiving meal is as tasty as the rest of his ridiculous recipes, it sure is unique!

Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving Feast

Guy Fieri's tradition of having an out-of-the-ordinary Thanksgiving dinner started off in his childhood. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Fieri's parents made dishes like lamb and salmon for their Thanksgiving feast. The strangest dish, however, was the barbecued turkey.

As he told ABC News's Nightline, "I never heard of barbecuing a turkey, a matter of fact I wouldn't even tell anyone we barbecued the turkey, because everyone else did normal turkey, but not the Fieri's. We barbecued it."

We're not sure which family member came up with this barbecued turkey recipe, but whoever it was passed that creativity on to Guy Fieri. The Food Network star says that he "cannot do it normal" when it comes to Thanksgiving, including a number of different cuisines, like Italian food.

"Grand Marnier cranberry sauce with lemon zest, deep fried turkey, a smoked turkey, a barbequed turkey, a boneless turkey, a pastrami...There's prime rib, but I can't just do one kind of prime rib, I gotta do it three ways. Ravioli is very key. Ten raviolis last year. I mean crazy raviolis ... I want the eating to go on for days, like a Roman feast!"

We saw a window into Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving traditions on an episode of Guy's Big Bite, back in 2015. In the episode, called A Very Fieri Thanksgiving, he made an elaborate feast with fellow chefs Duskie Estes, G. Garvin, Beau MacMillan and Aaron May. The menu included Tuchetta (a combo of porchetta and turkey), Roasted Bone Marrow with Bacon Marmalade, Turkey Meatballs with Fire-Roasted Green Chile, Green Cauliflower with Bacon-Brie Sauce, and Chocolate Babka Bread Pudding.

Some other Thanksgiving recipes by Guy Fieri are his Foil-wrapped Fried Turkey Breast, Spicy Turkey Tenders with Blue Cheese Penne Pasta, and Turkey pastrami. As for side dishes, his The Mean Green is his take on a green bean casserole, and the Adam's Apple Mashed Potatoes do indeed contain apples. For dessert, Fieri has been known to make a Red Lion Flambe Cherries Jubilee and a Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream Pie. Here's a compilation of his Thanksgiving recipes over the years.

We don't know what his Thanksgiving menu includes for this year, but Fieri has been known to eat more veggies than fans would expect when cooking for himself. So maybe a blend of Italian, vegetarian, and ridiculous meat dishes like barbecued Turkey? It's anyone's guess.