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Check Out What Guy Fieri Looks Like With Normal Hair

When you hear Guy Fieri, the first thing that probably pops into your head is his signature bleach blonde hair. While he is certainly known for his culinary achievements, infamous donkey sauce and quirky one-liners, his hairstyle has created a persona all its own. For fans, its almost impossible to picture Guy Fieri with normal hair.

It's hard to imagine turning on the TV and seeing The Dives host without his signature 'do that we know and love. Some have even accused his hair of being photoshopped, which seems like a lot of work to us. Let's find out what Guy Fieri looks like with more 'normal' hair.

Guy Fieri's Hair: How It Started

Before Guy Fieri was the Mayor of Flavortown, he was Chef Guy Fieri at his restaurant, Johnny Garlics. While working at his restaurant, one of his employees, Christina Jones, a budding hairdresser, wanted to test her skills. According to People Magazine, "Fieri said he told Jones she could do "whatever she wanted," but was still surprised when he saw his new look." He definitely didn't fully accept the new change that would turn into his signature look. In fact, he was so shocked, that he wore a ball cap to work that night, just to keep the new-do under wraps.

In 2006, after winning Food Network Star, an executive told Guy, "He'd 'better get used to' keeping the eye-catching hair around." Fieri receives his fair share of criticism regarding his funky hairdo, but maintains, "I didn't do the look to be on TV and I don't keep the look because I'm on TV. It's just the way that I like to look. It's just how I like to flow."

Not Everyone is a Fan of Guy Fieri's Hair

Perhaps Guy's harshest critic is his wife, Lori Fieri. Wife Lori met him over 25 years ago and recalls him looking entirely different. He had dark brunette hair, no goatee, and he wore a suit to work everyday, which is a far cry from the colorful bowling shirts he wears for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Lori says, "Now I look at him and I'm like, 'Where's that man I married with the whole clean look?'"

Celebrity Chef Wig and Goatee

Lori remembers that at the beginning of the drastic change, he would change his hair with the seasons. In the Summer, he would dye his hair red-blonde, but cut it off in the winter and return to his dark hair color.

Guy Fieri's Hair Has Its Own Twitter Thread


In 2019, Guy created his own Twitter thread for people to dress up like him. If he was impressed with the look he would RT you.


Eager Twitter users (over 800) tweeted pics of themselves dressed as the celebrity chef. There were some pretty amazing wigs and bleached hair to be seen.

User @RawBeautyKristi put her photoshop skills on display by photoshopping herself into the DDD intro. Among his favorites was a young boy with perfectly drawn-on facial hair.