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Giant Gummy Pickles Exist Because, Honestly, Why Not?

Just when you thought you've seen every single pickle-flavored thing in the world, something comes along and shocks you all over again. It wasn't bad enough that authentic dill pickles have been turned into pickle candy canes, canned pickle juice, pickle slushes from Sonic, and even Tropickles. Well, take a deep breath, pickle fiends, because Gummy Pickles are here. That's right, the good folks over at Vat19, purveyors of giant gummy bears and bulk candy, debuted the Gummy Pickle after countless comments from fans suggesting the very flavor.

The all-Gummy Pickle is a 4.5-ounce realistic-looking gherkin. Vat19 states that it's both a sweet gummy treat and tastes exactly like a pickle, which seems a little confusing but when it comes to Gummy Pickles, you have to go with the flow. With sour dill pickle flavoring, the slightly sweet and chewy giant Gummy Pickle has a pronounced pickle flavor that will be unmistakeable the pickle lover. So says the description, after all.

You can find it on Vat19 for $6 and maybe you'll even pick up the taste of green apple when you try it at home. The 4-inch long pickle treat puts other gummy candy to shame, and the treat has such a realistic appearance with bumps and all.

While I wouldn't have ever imagined pickles in gummy candy form, it's not the first time a company has made original gummy pickle products.

Pickle Addicts actually has a Deluxe Pickle Candy Sampler Gift Pack for sale on The product details include five square pickle lollipops, pickle barrel candy, pickle mints, and a giant gummy pickle that's made with authentic dill pickle flavoring.

Deluxe Pickle Candy Sampler Gift Pack (4pc Set)

This is a great gift idea for the pickle lover, even if it's just a gag gift. After all, what could be better than hard candies in pickle flavors? If you love pickles, probably nothing. Pickle Addicts say it'll satisfy the cravings of any pickle lover, but if you just can't handle the idea of pickle in candy forms, then skip the pickle-flavored gummi candy for now.

Will you stick to jars of real dill pickles from here on out, or will you be giving this giant candy in pickle flavors a try? If you don't like it, you can always check out Amazon for dill pickle cotton candy!

This post was originally published on April 18, 2018.

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