Laurie Robyn

Trader Joe's Sells Gummy Bear Grapes and They Taste Just Like Candy

I am all here for candy-flavored fruit. In fact, I have an entire bowl of cotton candy grapes sitting in front of me right now. This year Trader Joe's is adding a new sweet flavor to their grape offerings: gummy bears. Distributed by Divine Flavors, Gummyberries are red grapes that taste like grape gummi bears.

Grape Gummy Bears

Organic and created by cross-breeding different types of grape varieties, Gummyberries are one of the many grape products Divine Flavors distributes to grocery stores across the nation. Varieties include Jellyberries, a grape that boasts a flavor close to the concord grape (the same grapes that are used for grape jelly), Sweet Sapphire Grapes, a black seedless grape that is shaped like a finger, and Sweet Celebration Grapes, a large red seedless variety.

Customer reviews have been varied, and some say the fruit doesn't taste exactly like grape gummy bears, but rather the grape is sweeter tasting than normal varieties. Chances are your local Trader Joe's is currently selling the grapes since its season is only in the summer.

Are Cotton Candy Grapes and Gummy Bear Grapes Healthy?

While it sounds like these grapes are injected with artificial flavors and sweeteners, these grapes are 100% natural. The flavor is achieved by cross-breeding certain varieties of grapes. In the case of the Gummiberry flavor, sweet tables grapes were grafted together to create nature's candy that would make a perfect accompaniment to your next candy buffet!

You can also freeze the grapes for a frosty and sweet poppable treat. If you are really feeling daring, dip the grapes in melted chocolate and wait for it to set in the fridge before enjoying it. It'll taste just like a chocolate-covered gummy bear, which also happens to be one of my favorite candies.

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