10 Grapefruit Juice cocktails That Are Bitter and Sweet

Fruity summer cocktails are the best way to make a happy hour festive and tropical. If you just sip on that piña colada, sex on the beach or margarita and close your eyes you can almost feel the sun on your face and hear the waves crashing on the beach in the distance. While fruity cocktails are yummy, they have a tendency to be too sweet at times, especially if you plan on having a few. Here are 10 grapefruit juice cocktails that are deliciously tart-but-sweet!

1. Paloma

My personal favorite cocktail is the Paloma! This tasty drink has everything you want in a cocktail- tequila, sugar, juice and a fun garnish. Palomas are ideal for those who find many summer cocktails too sweet, and you can make it as bitter or sweet as you like by adding more or less maple syrup!

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2. Greyhound

The simplest of cocktail recipes, all you need for a greyhound is liquor and fresh grapefruit juice! Tasty with gin or vodka, greyhounds are simply and delicious. Since you only have two ingredients, it's important to get high quality ones. Ruby red grapefruit juice is a good option, and choose top-shelf alcohol for a tasty and classic cocktail. For extra flavor, make it Italian by adding a dash of Campari. If you want it on the sweeter side, add simple syrup.

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3. Salty Dog

grapefruit juice cocktail

This classic cousin to the greyhound, the salty dog earned its name for its salty rim! Made with gin, grapefruit juice and ice, the salty dog's rim is covered in sea salt for an extra pop of salty flavor. This dash of salt is the perfect mix with the grapefruit juice, making for a flavorful and tangy drink.

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4. Pink Grapefruit Highball

grapefruit juice cocktails

The pink grapefruit in this yummy grapefruit cocktail recipe adds a citrusy twist to the classic drink. Made by adding grapefruit juice, lime juice, grapefruit syrup, elderflower syrup, vermouth and seltzer to a cocktail shaker, this tasty cocktail is the perfect combo of bitter and sweet. For extra class, garnish with a rosemary sprig or lime wedge!

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?5. Brown Derby

The brown derby is the delicious medley of bourbon, grapefruit juice, and honey syrup. This easy and tasty cocktail is easy to make- you just shake the simple ingredients with ice cubes. Honey syrup is simply honey that's been combined with water for easier mixing, and it goes great in many other cocktails too. This refreshing cocktail will add a simple and classy drink to your happy hour!

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6. Sea Breeze

The sea breeze is as refreshing and carefree as its name, ideal if you're in the mood for a light and easy cocktail at brunch or happy hour. The original version consisted of gin and grenadine, but it's now made with cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and vodka. The sea breeze has a vibrant pink color and an equally tangy, bright taste, the multiple citrus fruits combining to create a summery and tart cocktail.

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7. Hemingway Daiquiri

As the story goes, Ernest Hemingway stopped into a bar in Havana to use the bathroom. On his way out, he sampled a daiquiri that the bartender was making, and said that he preferred it without sugar and twice the rum. And so the Hemingway Daiquiri was created! This Hemingway classic is made with white rum, maraschino liqueur, lime juice, and of course grapefruit juice.

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8. Firefly

The firefly is essentially the greyhound dressed up a bit! Made with vodka, grapefruit juice, and grenadine, this grapefruit juice cocktail is refreshing and versatile, a go-to brunch drink. The grenadine is the special touch that makes the firefly what it is- floating up from the bottom, it creates a beautiful progressive hue similar to the tequila sunrise.

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9. The Big Texan Bourbon-and-Grapefruit Cocktail

This bold grapefruit cocktail is just what you need on a hot Texas day. Bourbon and grapefruit juice are a tasty combo, and the simple syrup and basil add even more flavor to this summery drink. Garnished with a grapefruit slice and cherry, this cocktail is as refreshing as they come!

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10. Blushing Lady


The blushing lady is a fruity twist on the martini. As its name suggests, this yummy cocktail is a lovely shade of pink, perfect for a delicious and aesthetically pleasing drink. The blushing lady consists of vodka, pomegranate liqueur, and grapefruit juice. The glass is dipped in lemon juice and salt for an extra zing of flavor, and you can garnish with a slice of grapefruit to get even fancier with it.

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