Grape Nuts Cereal is Finally Coming Back! 

Do you remember the delicious breakfast medley of wheat and barley, with a satisfying crunch and a nutty flavor? If so, you're familiar with Grape Nuts Cereal, the perfect versatile, healthy and tasty cereal. Grape Nuts Cereal has been experiencing a product shortage during the covid pandemic, but its spokesperson has announced that it'll be back on the store shelves this month!

Origin of Grape Nuts

Despite its name, this yummy breakfast meal doesn't contain grapes or nuts. Instead, it's made with malted barley flour and wheat flour. The origins of its name are unclear, but some say that it's name comes from its similarity to grape seeds, or grape nuts. Another version of the story is that its creator thought that glucose, which he called "grape sugar", was formed throughout the baking process. This, along with the nutty flavor of the cereal, may have resulted in its name.

Grape Nuts were created by C.W. Post, along with many other tasty cereals like malt-o-meal, honeycombs and raisin bran. Post manufactured breakfast cereal and food, eventually founding Post Consumer Brands. Post Grape Nuts is one of his yummiest and healthiest inventions, becoming the favorite cereal of many throughout the years.

Grape Nuts Cereal

Grape-Nuts is beloved for many reasons, one of which is its wholesome and healthy ingredients. Many lovers of Grape Nuts liken it to granola and enjoy it as a filling, healthy start to the day. If you're more of a flakes person, the grape nuts flakes is the version for you! Grape Nuts cereal contains lots of minerals and vitamins, along with being an excellent source of fiber. It's recommended to eat at least 48 g of whole grain a day, which a half cup of Grape Nuts provides. Along with this, Grape-Nuts contains folic acid, zinc oxide, and vitamin B.

This versatile, high fiber cereal can be used for more than just breakfast. If you're looking for a creative way to consume your trusty Grape-Nuts, their website has a full page of recipes. You can go the savory route with roasted veggies or a parfait, or you can make your cereal into a sweet treat by making snickers crunch bars, cookies, or confetti poppers.

Now that the Grape-Nuts shortage has ended, we can all experience a bowl of goodness to start the day! In the next few weeks, you'll be able to find this yummy cereal at many retailers, from Walmart to your local grocery store to Amazon. Stock up on Grape-Nuts this month to fill your mornings with crunchy goodness!

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