What on Earth Are Corn Nuts?

If you've never experienced the burst of flavor and satisfying crunchiness that accompanies a handful of corn nuts, you're missing out. The catchphrase of this snackable food is "ultimate crunch, intense flavors" which is the perfect description for this tasty snack. Manufactured by Kraft Foods, corn nuts are the addicting result of roasted corn kernels.

The Perfect Snack

Corn nuts are made by soaking whole corn kernels in water, then roasting and seasoning them to result in a flavorful and crunchy snack. Some have even tried making this yummy snack from home, flavoring with sea salt, onion powder, or whatever you think would be most delicious. When making them from home, corn nuts can be deep-fried for extra crunch!

Corn nuts can be found in grocery stores and are ideal for road trips or to munch on during a game. Similar to sunflower seeds or trail mix, they are salty and snackable, almost impossible to put down. The product packaging features the words "Corn Nuts" in bold yellow and red, then specifies the flavor and says "crunchy corn kernels." There are about 130 calories for a serving size of 1/3 cup, along with 20 g carbohydrates and 0 mg of cholesterol. These snacks are gluten-free and vegan, easy to enjoy no matter your dietary restrictions!

Corn nuts were introduced to the U.S. in 1936 by Albert Holloway, who sold them to tavern owners to serve with beer. He originally called them Olin's Brown Jug Toasted Corn, and later renamed them. Holloway's salty snacks were a success among bar owners, who likely noticed that customers want more beer when snacking on salty, thirst-inducing snacks. Holloway's family company eventually sold the brand to Nabisco in 1998, where it continues to provide tasty snacks to this day!

Varieties of Corn Nuts

Corn nuts come in a range of flavors, each as delicious as the last! The six options are Original, BBQ (barbecue-flavored), Chile Picante con Limon, Ranch, Jalapeno Cheddar, and Nacho. The original flavor, whose packaging says "Corn Nuts Original Crunchy Corn Kernels," is a good place to start for those trying this tasty snack for the first time. For an option with more flavoring, the Corn Nuts BBQ Crunchy Corn Kernels or the Chile Picante con Limon are also delicious.

This snack food is also popular around the world in different varieties. The version sold in the Philippines are called cornick, and they are typically even crispier than the American kind. There is also a similar snack sold throughout Central America by the company Diana in El Salvador. Called elotitos or cornbits in Spanish, these also have different seasoning options. In Spain, this popular snack is called maiz tostado or maiz frito.

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