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Song Premiere: Graber Gryass Tells a Cautionary Tale on Fiery 'Drifting Away'

Memphis-raised artist Michael Graber weaves classic storytelling and eclectic musical influences with nu-grass band Graber Gryass.  "Drifting Away," the lastest release from the band's forthcoming album Late Bloom, is a family saga set against a fiery bluegrass jam.

"When you have Randal Morton as a banjo player you need a flat out burner of a tune. Randal kicks off 'Drifting Away'. The story finds an anguished father trying to bless and warn his daughter about the immense dangers and transformative experience of falling in love," Graber tells Wide Open Country. "The obsessive verses are pushed into overdrive with the chorus, chords inflicted by a Gene Clark or Chris Hillman song structure. Eric Lewis, Clint Wagner and Andy Ratliff add some high, driving harmony singing on top of the fiery picking."

Graber says Late Bloom emcompasses decades of experience.

"This album really is symbolic of my whole existence," Graber says. "I like to think it's a message for other people, too. You look at a lot of the great novelists. They don't publish their first novel until their 40s or 50s. This is the first record of all originals under my name. I just turned 50. It's a real celebration of flourishing."

Listen to "Drifting Away" below.

Graber Gryass · Drifting Away


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