Thank Your Friends with 4 'Golden Girls' Hot Sauces

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It's time to Bea Spicy and flaunt around like a Sicilian Fire with all of your friends- the online gift site company AlwaysFits has released a set of spicy hot sauces inspired by our favorite Miami ladies. Golden Girls, a sitcom starring Betty White, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur, ran from 1985-1992 and is still as popular as ever. All 180 episodes are currently on Hulu and the series even inspired a pop-up restaurant in New York City last year.

We think that these hot sauces perfectly represent each of the four main ladies in the show. Packed with flavor, the four sauces come in a complete hot sauce 4-pack collection perfect for giving as gifts or for yourself. Each bottle is 5 oz. and come in a beautifully decorated bottle.

The four Golden Girls hot sauces: Desert Rose, Bea Spicy, Hot Slut and Sicilian Fire, range in heat level from mild to spicy. Both Desert Rose (named after character Rose Nylund) and Bea Spicy (Named after character Dorothy Zbornak played by Bea Arthur) are jalapeño hot sauces that pack a slight punch of heat.

If you want a really big kick of spice we recommend grabbing a bottle of Sicilian Fire (named after spunky Sophia Petrillo) or Hot Slut (dedicated to man-hungry Blanche Devereaux). Made with habanero peppers, carrot puree, garlic and a sprinkling of spices, the hot sauces get their heat without the help of extracts. Be warned, these two hot sauces are as spicy as the ladies it's based on.

Get the hot sauces here.

Looking for some recipe inspiration?

Like the ladies, we love cheesecake here at Wide Open Eats. And what's better than adding a fun little spicy spin to a super-sweet dessert?

Yes, you can totally make a cheesecake flavored with one of these hot sauces. Each bottle of the hot sauce includes a simple recipe for hot sauce cheesecake. Sign us up.

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