One of the Oldest Cabin's in California is the Perfect Tourist Destination

If you want to know what it was like to live in the Old West, here's your chance. A historic cabin in Big Bear City, Calif. is now accepting guests.

You'll enjoy an abundance of peace and quiet in this natural wonderland...just a few minutes from town...and within a few hours of any point in SoCal.

You'll enjoy an abundance of peace and quiet in this natural wonderland...just a few minutes from town...and within a few hours of any point in SoCal. Via Airbnb

The history of the Gold Rush Cabin is a fun one. Designers of the cabin originally built it during the Gold Rush of the 1800s. However, in 1915, a Swiss woman bought the home for just $25. She made the log cabin her home until 1988. Now, the log cabin stands as potentially the oldest wooden building in Southern California.

The living room is unusually large for its era. This large table provides more than enough room for meals, games, and crafts. Via Airbnb


The stone fireplace in the living room houses a wood-burning Earth Stove. Via Airbnb

The cabin itself has all the modern amenities you could need, from WiFi to a hot tub. (though there's no washer, dryer or air conditioner). It sleeps four and has two bedrooms and one bath. It's been renovated to include electricity, a gas heater, a wood-burning earth stove and running water among other things. However, even with all of these modern amenities, you will still have the authentic experience you've been searching for.

The kitchen is simple, yet fully equipped. A freshly baked pie and jug of coffee are the perfect start to a relaxing stay in nature. Via Airbnb


The main bedroom glows with vintage charm, and overlooks an alpine meadow. Via Airbnb


An old-fashioned ladder staircase provides access to the sleeping loft. Via Airbnb

Each section of the cabin offers plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the area. There's a large living space with a hand-made hearth. A kitchen with an authentic 1930s cookstove allows you to keep yourself well fed during your stay as well.

The panorama from the side porch. Just outside the kitchen, our porch is the perfect spot to BBQ, relax with your favorite drink, and watch the colors change at sunset. Via Airbnb

But, it's what's on the outside of the cabin that will really makes this spacious property an ideal getaway. It sits above a beautiful meadow at 7,000 feet. Jeffrey pine trees surround the cabin, but they don't take away from the view of the meadow that hasn't been touched in decades.

Guests have shared access to a large hot tub (exclusive appointments available). It sits about 300 feet from the Cabin, right at the edge of the National Forest, where you can enjoy unobstructed views of trees and moonlit skies. Via Airbnb


The headwaters of the Santa Ana River, still populated with wild native trout, flow through nearby valleys. Via Airbnb

The backyard is where you can take in the best views of the area. It includes a charcoal grill, a dining table and chairs for relaxing. When you are enjoying the outdoors, make sure you spend a little extra time outside at night, so you can check out all the stars you are missing. The property has an unblocked view of the night sky, where you can see millions of stars on a clear night.

Winter brings an entirely different world to the mountains....This panorama is from a trail directly above the Cabin. Via Airbnb

When you visit during the summer, you have full access to the trails and hiking as well as outdoor games, like archery and horseshoes. If you love winter, visit during this season to enjoy some of the best cross-country skiing in the area. There are even a couple of ski-resorts within driving distance of the cabin.

You can find more information on this unique rental property at Airbnb.

It's not the only vacation rental called the Gold Rush Cabin. A more modern three-story option's available near the Trinity River and sits among two acres of Jerusalem artichoke, pear, apricot, plum and apple trees.

This story first ran on Feb. 20, 2018.