Ashley Campbell Shares Touching Father's Day Message

Glen Campbell's daughter, Ashley Campbell, shared a heartfelt message with her Instagram fans this past Sunday.

"On this Fathers Day I wish you could know how many people are asking about you and praying for you," Ashley writes. "I wish you could know that your new album is bringing joy to people all over the world right now. I wish you were here. I can hug you and hold you but I can't know for sure where you are. I love you dad. I'm here for you. Thank you for giving me everything."

Since his diagnosis in 2011, Campbell's family has been upfront about his battle with Alzheimer's. Campbell is now in the final stages of the disease and has aphasia, robbing him of his ability to speak, write, and understand language. Ashley's brief post updated fans on the condition of her 81-year-old father; she's still dedicated to him, regardless of whether or not he's aware.

In 2012, after coming off his farewell tour, Campbell recorded one final album, Adiós which his family recently released. It was the last album Campbell recorded, finishing it before he started to decline.

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Ashley Campbell Shares Touching Father's Day Message