Glen Campbell's Daughter Gives Update on His Battle With Alzheimer's

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Glen Campbell's talented daughter Ashley is giving fans another update on his continued battle with Alzheimer's.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the 30-year-old musician gave some new details on her father's current condition.

"He has aphasia, so he can't really communicate, he can't really understand language as we do," Ashley says. "I kind of look at it like he can't really receive information. He hears just fine - he doesn't need a hearing aid - he just has trouble processing what he hears."

Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2011. Last year, his family reported that he was in the final stage of the disease. Still, he has managed to keep a smile on his face through the struggles.

"He doesn't really use language much anymore, but we look on the bright side [because] in these late stages of Alzheimer's, it could be very bad," she says. "It could be confusion and anger a lot of the time, which is the case for a lot of people I've seen. But for him he's just happy every day, smiles, he enjoys life and he enjoys being around people - and he loves a good piece of cake."

Although Campbell is now unable to play music, he still has a new project in the works. Adiós, his final studio album, was recorded in 2012, shortly after his farewell tour wrapped up.

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Adiós will be released on June 9. Ashley Campbell will also perform this weekend at Nashville's CMA Music Festival. You can find more of her upcoming tour dates here.

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Glen Campbell's Daughter Gives Update on His Battle With Alzheimer's