Glass Doorknob

Your Glass Doorknob Could Actually Be a Dangerous Fire Hazard

A glass doorknob is an easy and chic way to upgrade your home's look, but it could also be a fire hazard.

Reddit user Proteon took to the website to warn people about the fire hazard that comes with the glass doorknob. The photo was taken inside London resident Clare Thomson's home, which caught fire after sunlight reflected off a glass doorknob and onto some nearby clothing.

It's pretty rare that a fire would start this way, but it can still happen very easily. In fact, mirrors, glass jars and even eye glasses can create blazes by reflecting sunlight.

"I was amazed at how intense the low September sun could be and I was amazed at how quickly a small fire could take place," Thompson told the London Fire Brigade. "I would advise people not to buy crystal doorknobs, and I would advise home stores to be aware of the fire risk when stocking. Or, at least, such doorknobs should come with a warning."

Experts suggest keeping all glass away from direct sunlight to help keep your home safe — and don't forget to install a few small fire extinguishers.

"This shows these fires are not an urban myth," Charles Pugley, one of the Brigade's investigators, explains. "Also make sure that you have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home."

Glass doorknobs are great and easy way to give your house a DIY makeover. But just remember to only install them in areas without direct sunlight.

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