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This $40 DIY Barn Door is the Rustic Touch Your Home Needs


If you're looking to give your home a makeover, this DIY barn door will give your place the perfect rustic touch.

The inexpensive door tutorial comes from JP Strate and Liz Spillman of The Rehab Life. They're Minneapolis property rehabbers with a pretty big social media following. They have 14,000 Facebook likes and 63,000 YouTube subscribers! Their videos range from DIY farm tables to shelves, but they always try to keep it "cheap."

This rustic barn door caught our eyes and it's the perfect DIY start since they claim it's "suitable for beginners." They show you how to get the look in eight minutes with only eight materials! Sounds pretty easy, right?

Once you gather your boards, screws, wood glue and filler you're almost ready to begin. The sanding block, stain and polyurethane will be the last materials needed to give your new door the dark, rustic finish.

For the first step, measure and cut your wood. This is when you'll start creating the actual door and border. Secure the pieces together with your screws. Finally, make the "X" pattern on the front of the door. Next, you sand it before checking that your dog is happy with your work (no, seriously). The stain and polyurethane are the last steps before your DIY barn door is completely finished!

We're big fans of this barn door and it'll easily give your home a brand new look for only $40! If you want to try some more of The Rehab Life's projects, they also have a $50 farmhouse table and a $20 rustic headboard.

Happy building!

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This $40 DIY Barn Door is the Rustic Touch Your Home Needs