Courtesy of Girl Scouts of the United States of America

You Need To Try the New Girl Scout Lemon Cookies

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to Girl Scout cookies. But we're here to tell you: you should consider adding the new (ish) lemon cookies being sold by the Scouts to your list to hand to a local Girl Scout. They're called Lemon-Ups, and they were added to the Girl Scout cookies season line-up for the 2020 season after Savannah Smiles were discontinued.

Wait...Aren't There Already Girl Scout Lemon Cookies?

Yes! The Girl Scouts of the USA already previously sold a cookie of the lemon variety — Lemonades. They're described as tangy lemon-icing-topped shortbread cookies. These Lemon-Up cookies are different. Instead of the "crisp, zesty lemon wedge cookies dusted with powdered sugar" that were Savannah Smiles, according to Troop Leader Central, the Lemon-Ups are instead described as "crispy lemon cookies baked with inspiring messages to lift your spirits."

Which lemon cookie your local Girl Scout entrepreneurs sell depends on which cookie manufacturer their council partners with — either Little Brownie Bakers or ABC Bakers. ABC makes the Lemonades, while LBB makes these new Girl Scout cookies.

What Are the Girl Scout Lemon Cookies Made Out Of?

The Lemon-Ups have all sorts of ingredients you can check out on the official Girl Scouts website and include things like flour, soybean and palm oil, salt, whey protein concentrate, and so much more. See for yourself at this link.

What Are the Other Girl Scout Cookies?

In case you're not familiar, besides the Girl Scout lemon cookies, you'll see lots of different cookies available during the Girl Scout cookie season. However, the choices are somewhat dependant on where you live and what local troops can offer.

The official cookie website lists Toast-Yays, Thin Mints, Lemon-Ups, Lemonades, Shortbread/Trefoils, Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich, Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs, Caramel Chocolate Chip, Toffee-tastic, and two different versions of Girl Scout S'mores. One type features "crispy graham cookie double dipped in yummy crème icing and finished with a scrumptious chocolatey coating," and the others are "graham sandwich cookies with creamy chocolate and marshmallowy filling."

But if you're a lemon cookie fan and haven't tried Lemon-Ups yet, you should seriously consider buying them alongside your favorite Girl Scout cookie. The motivational messages alone are sure to brighten your whole day!

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