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Ginger Shot Benefits Get To the Root of Your Health Problems

Now more than ever people are taking an active interest in their health and wellness. Ginger shot benefits range from giving you a simple pick-me-up at the beginning of the day, to helping with nausea and digestive issues. While there are many over-the-counter medications aimed at making you feel better, herbal supplements and all-natural products are getting a lot of attention.

There are a ton of health benefits of ginger, and ginger shots are increasingly popular. For centuries, ginger has been touted for its antioxidant properties, digestive system support, and ability to combat nausea or morning sickness.

Gingerol, the main ingredient in ginger, works as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Ginger also helps protect your body from free radicals. Fresh ginger root provides the highest amount of gingerol.

Ginger Shot Benefits

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The benefits of ginger shots and their medicinal properties are seemingly endless. The anti-inflammatory properties present in ginger can be effective in reducing gingivitis and other oral bacteria. Ginger also helps reduce muscle pain, especially osteoarthritis.

Dietitians note that consuming fresh ginger shots can aid in weight loss by curbing your appetite and increasing your metabolic rate.

Ginger has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels and lessen the risk of heart disease.

One of the best benefits of ginger is its help in treating digestive issues. Ginger speeds up the digestive process, which can help reduce indigestion. Consuming ginger can relieve bloating and curb nausea from motion sickness. Ginger shots are good for any time you have an upset stomach.

Trying a Ginger Shot

With all the health benefits of ginger shots and their availability at most stores, I had to try it. My immune system could use some love after the indulgences of the holidays, so this immune-boosting shot was perfect.

I love ginger in cooked form, but I've never had ginger juice in its pure, raw form. My local Walmart had a full stock of different types of ginger elixirs. I chose the one labeled "digestion shot." This one is made with fresh ginger juice, probiotics, and apple cider vinegar.

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Sarah Abrams

This ginger shot has only 4g of carbohydrates and no cholesterol. It also packs a whopping 30 percent of your daily Vitamin C. The ingredients list coconut water, pineapple juice, fresh ginger, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice.

I'll admit, I was nervous before trying it. Ginger is spicy and I thought this was going to burn my throat. I was extremely pleasantly surprised upon the first sip. The juice was sweet and tart from the pineapple juice. The spicy ginger hit at the back of the throat, leaving a spicy aftertaste. I felt a little like I had just eaten a spicy chili.

I definitely couldn't drink the entire 1.75 oz in one go, but it was very pleasant to sip on. I thoroughly enjoyed the cold ginger shot, and I could see drinking one of these wellness shots to start the day.

There were other ginger juice shot options made with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and turmeric. Turmeric shots share many of the same benefits as ginger shots, including anti-inflammatory properties. I am not a huge fan of turmeric, which is why I chose a shot without it.

Homemade Ginger Shots

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You've probably consumed ginger in cooked form, as it's commonly used in Asian dishes. If you have some leftovers from cooking, you can easily make your own ginger shots. This ginger shot recipe is super easy to prepare and customize.

The prep time and total time to make ginger shots is only 10 minutes. For ingredients, you'll need fresh ginger root, lemon juice, coconut water, and cayenne pepper.

First, peel ginger using the back of a spoon. Next, add your ginger, lemon, coconut water, and cayenne to a blender. Pulse until the mixture is smooth.

Once smooth, pour the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer. Either drink immediately or store in the fridge.

If you want to simplify this even more, add fresh ginger to a juicer, and voila, a ginger shot. Fresh ginger can be harsh, so making a lemon ginger shot, with fresh lemon juice, will tame some of the sharpness.

You could even add fresh ginger to your smoothies for added health benefits, without the harsh flavor. Ginger shot benefits are worth the extra bit of spice, though!

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