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17 Homemade Kombucha Flavors Way Better Than Store-Bought

Strawberry Basil Kombucha, Peach Kombucha, Coffee Kombucha, the list goes on and on.

Kombucha may only cost a few bucks at the store, but over time, it adds up. If you're tired of spending money on your daily kombucha fix, try making it at home instead. With homemade kombucha recipes, the flavor options are endless. Fresh berries, citrus fruits, herbs, spices and even vegetables can be added to create unique kombucha flavor combinations.

Of course, you'll have to start with normal homemade kombucha, which is basically just fermented sweet tea. Making kombucha is less intimidating that it sounds, but it's important to understand the fermentation process. Once you master the dos and don'ts with this nifty little guide, you'll be ready to put that new SCOBY to good use and make kombucha at home.

By bottling your own kombucha in mason jars or gallon jars, you not only get to enjoy the fermented beverage at a lower price, but you reap all the health benefits, as well! Kombucha is packed with probiotics that aid in digestion and detox the body. It also has antioxidants, which depending upon your flavoring, can increase the health benefits. Delicious, effervescent, and downright good, with a tangy vinegary taste and just a bit of carbonation, making your own batch of kombucha is where it's at.

Kombucha Brewing Kit

To help get you started on the DIY path towards making kombucha flavoring, we've rounded up 17 kombucha recipes that tantalize the tongue.

1. Homemade Kombucha Recipe

Before you get crazy with your kombucha flavors, you'll have to start with the basics for your first batch. The Healthy Maven has a step by step recipe that can get you started. What you'll need is a kombucha SCOBY (which is the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that causes fermentation), loose tea or tea bags, cane sugar, filtered water and some already brewed kombucha - plus your equipment. That will include a glass jar or glass bottles, some cheesecloth (or a coffee filter or paper towel) and a rubber band to seal it, though the size of cloth will depend on your batch size.

Once you've figured out your basic kombucha recipe, the different flavors are endless! Kombucha brewing is a rewarding experience because you quite literally watch the continuous brew come to the perfect flavor.

Get the recipe here from The Healthy Maven.

2. Blueberry Ginger Kombucha

Blueberry Ginger Kombucha is a tasty blend of sweet and tangy. The trick to making this finished kombucha is all in the sauce - blueberry sauce that is. Blueberries and fresh grated ginger are boiled with some sugar and left to simmer. Once the syrup is done and cooled, add it to the brewing kombucha and let sit for a few days at room temperature. Fresh fruit and its natural fruit juice are the perfect pairings for bottled kombucha because it adds a fresh taste to the natural zing of the elixir.

Get the recipe here from Fit Happy Free.

3. Blueberry Vanilla Dream Kombucha

Why not enhance the flavor of your blueberry kombucha with a hint of vanilla for your next batch? Smashing frozen blueberries to release some of their juice, plop some in a bottle with a splash of vanilla and let it ferment in the continuous brewing process. You can even get crazy with it and experiment with different types of vanilla. French vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, Mexican vanilla, and Madagascar vanilla will all impart their own unique flavor making this recipe taste a little different each time. Be sure to use just a touch, though. A small amount goes a long way. With a dash in each bottle, you'll understand how this kombucha got its name and you'll never go for store-bought kombucha again.

Get the recipe here from The Wild Gut.

4. Kombucha Lemonade

This kombucha was made for hot afternoons. Citrusy lemons are sweetened with coconut sugar and topped with fresh blueberries to create a fizzy Lemonade Kombucha that tastes like summer. One sip, and you'll have a hard time going back to plain old lemonade. And did we mention the color is totally Instagram and Pinterest worthy? You know you thought about that perfect photo, direct sunlight streaming behind that yellow glass. Thirsty yet?

Get the recipe here Fit Foodie Finds.

4. Island Fire Kombucha with Pineapple & Cayenne Pepper

Why not add a little heat to the mix? Sweet pineapple with a dash of cayenne is the kick you've been looking for in a kombucha recipe. Not only will you get all the health benefits of the drink itself, but you will also get all the health benefits of cayenne. The two together are a powerhouse for your digestion. And the added flavor of fresh pineapple? Now that's too good to pass up. While this recipe is technically an infusion, it does go through a small second fermentation once the pineapple juice and other flavors are added.

Get the recipe here from The Wild Gut.

5. Strawberry Mint Kombucha Tea

Although kombucha produces trace amounts of alcohol, if you're looking for a mocktail kombucha if you will, then you'll love this Strawberry Mojito Kombucha recipe. Sprigs of mint, fresh strawberries, and a squeeze of lime give you the mojito taste you crave minus the effects of alcohol. With this recipe your taste buds and stomach will be happy imbibing all those probiotics.

Get the recipe here from Beets and Bones.

6. Strawberry Basil Kombucha Recipe

Refreshment at its finest, Strawberry Basil Kombucha is as fresh as it gets. Using ripe strawberries and leaves of basil, this kombucha recipe is a guaranteed winner if you're looking to brew kombucha with a twist. In a saucepan, simmer your strawberries, basil, and sugar, then allow to cool. Once it's done, add to your homemade kombucha and let it rest for a few days. It's hard, but it's well worth the wait! If you need a little something extra, add a shot of white rum or vodka for a killer strawberry basil kombucha cocktail.

Get the recipe here from The Roasted Root.

7. Raspberry Lime Homemade Kombucha

Raspberry Lime Homemade Kombucha is a delicious fizzy recipe you must try. Sweet raspberries, citrusy limes, and some extra fruit for garnish - plus your homemade kombucha - is all you'll need for this refreshing afternoon treat. The second fermentation here is necessary to ensure that the kombucha has reached the desired sweetness. Because raspberries and limes are notoriously tart and this recipe has no added sugar, it's important to remember that your kombucha starter tea should be a bit sweeter than normal to counteract the tart flavor if you're not a huge fan.

Get the recipe here from Paleo Running Momma.

8. Rose Hip and Hibiscus Kombucha

Mix things up a bit and try using herbs in your kombucha with this Rose Hip and Hibiscus kombucha recipe. Infusing your kombucha with these herbs is pretty simple. In the process of making your kombucha starter liquid, infuse the blend of green tea and black tea with rose hip and hibiscus by placing it in a tea ball and letting it steep. Then continue your kombucha recipe as normal.

Get the recipe here from Don't Waste the Crumbs.

9. Citrus Rosemary Kombucha

It's amazing how one simple ingredient can enhance a flavor combination. In the case of this kombucha, that ingredient is rosemary. The piney flavor of rosemary paired with the bitterness of grapefruit makes for a unique kombucha recipe. To make this new batch of Citrus Rosemary Kombucha, toss grapefruit juice, lemon zest, and a few sprigs of rosemary into a jar, then topped with kombucha. After patiently waiting for 72 hours, your fizzy kombucha will be ready.

Get the recipe here from The Wild Gut.

10. Citrus Green Tea Kombucha

Citrus Green Tea Kombucha is secondary fermentation at its finest. Lemon juice, a touch of sugar, a sprig of thyme, and green tea kombucha make this recipe an everyday concoction. Like drinking your daily cup of tea, with this recipe you'll want your daily cup of kombucha.

Get the recipe here From Honest Cooking.

11. Apple Cider Kombucha

Looking for a new apple cider recipe to try this fall? Try Apple Cider Kombucha. This recipe is incredibly easy to make and only requires two ingredients - homemade kombucha and apple cider. Blend the unsweetened spiced apple cider with your homemade kombucha, pour into clean bottles, and then let sit for a couple days. That's it.

Get the recipe here from The Roasted Root.

12. Coffee Kombucha Recipe

Taking your morning ritual and enhancing it, Cultures for Health has concocted Coffee Kombucha. That's right. With this recipe, there is no need to decide between coffee or kombucha. Rather than using tea, this recipe calls for the SCOBY, coffee, and sugar to sweeten. Ferment for a week then you're ready for your morning cup. Word to the wise, this recipe is best for those hot summer mornings. Heating this Coffee Kombucha will kill the beneficial bacteria, so be sure to enjoy it like you would cold brew coffee. The kick of caffeine and white sugar make this recipe taste absolutely incredible. You won't believe it.

Get the recipe here from Cultures for Health.

13. Ginger, Turmeric & Black Pepper Kombucha Recipe

Probiotics meet detox in this tasty and healthy Ginger, Turmeric, and Black Pepper Kombucha recipe. Ginger and turmeric are already an amazing combination. By adding in the black pepper, the two get an extra kick - both in flavor and health. Black pepper will help the body absorb the curcumin in the turmeric, while the ginger provides its own boost of health benefits - like aiding digestion and reducing muscle pain. Using fresh ginger and turmeric root, black peppercorns, your fermented tea, and some cane sugar, you'll be able to sip your way to health and happiness.

Get the recipe here from LoveurBelly.

14. Orange and Ginger Kombucha

Get your boost of viatmin C in the most delicious way with this fizzy Orange and Ginger Kombucha. The trick to making this recipe just right is using quality juice. If you don't have time to squeeze your own oranges, opt for a brand like Simply Orange. Blending that with either ginger root or ginger juice will make all the difference in the quality and flavor of the kombucha.

Get the recipe here from The Organic Goat Lady.

15. Carrot Kombucha Recipe

You simply can't go wrong with fresh carrot juice. It's loaded with antioxidants in the most refreshing way. So adding the sweet juice to kombucha? Brilliant. With this vitamin rich Carrot Kombucha you can drink to your health in the most satisfying way - and you only need two ingredients! Pour carrot juice and kombucha into a bottle, let it sit for about a week, then you're ready to enjoy. Oh, and be sure to leave a little room at the top of the bottle. It's fermenting after all.

Get the recipe here from Cultured Food Life.

16. Peach Kombucha Recipe

Like biting into a fresh peach, Peach Kombucha is a sweet, refreshing treat. Requiring the slices of two fresh peaches and your partially fermented kombucha, this recipe takes about a week to make. While playing the waiting game is never easy, as the kombucha sits the peaches infuse their sweet flavor that only makes it taste that much juicier over time.

Get the recipe here from Thank Your Body.

17. Cranberry Orange Kombucha

Whether you're warding off the winter blues or trying get a heaping of vitamins, Cranberry Orange Kombucha is the pick me up you need. Juicy oranges, fresh cranberries, the juice of both, and a touch of honey - along with your homemade kombucha - make up this fizzy recipe you'll want all winter long. And don't forget to share the wealth! This recipe makes for great gifts for family and friends.

Get the recipe here from Memeinge.

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