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The 30 Best Christmas Gifts For The Parents Who Have Everything

The best gifts are the ones they wouldn't think to buy themselves!

Let's get one thing clear: there is no gift that will adequately express the appreciation you have for the people to whom you owe your entire existence. Except for maybe a set of grandkids, though, that's a big step in commitment compared to the set of tiny hot sauces you got them last year. Why is it so hard to come up with meaningful gifts for parents?

There aren't enough cozy blankets and holiday candles in the world to thank Mom and Dad. But just because the standard they've set is impossible to reach doesn't mean you shouldn't try. And by try, we mean finding a gift that goes beyond the kitschy, cheesy, and totally predictable.

We're looking at you, "World's Best Parents" mugs.

It's hard enough to find a gift for your mother-in-law. Let's make sure Mom and Dad get the same consideration. Instead, aim for something that celebrates their individual interests and quirks. Maybe Dad is obsessed with the latest tech gadgets, or maybe Mom loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen. By taking some to really think about what little life upgrades they would actually use (and maybe even be excited about), you can avoid the dreaded feeling of disappointment when they open up yet another Texas Roadhouse gift card on December 25th.

But don't worry, we've done the thinking for you. While we fully recommend a holiday full of Christmas activities to make memories that will last a lifetime, gifts are always a thoughtful gesture. Here are 30 Christmas gift ideas that even the parents who have literally everything won't see coming.

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