Facebook/ Angela Rena

Alabama Woman Spots Giant Hog Roaming Through Her Neighborhood

Angela Rena from Phenix City, Ala. had the surprise of a lifetime last week when she spotted a giant hog roaming her neighborhood. Rena was driving through her neighborhood when she encountered the huge beast in a nearby neighbor's yard.

Naturally, Angela wasn't too interested in actually approaching the monster. But she did manage to capture several pictures of him from her car. It looks like the huge hog is right at home and doesn't pay her any attention while she takes his photograph.

After sharing the photos on social media, it didn't take long for them to go viral. Many  wondered if a hog that size was even real or if it was all a big prank.

Still, others speculated if the hog were someone's pet, saying he didn't look like a wild boar. But even if it is a wild hog, seeing him roam through a neighborhood isn't that unheard of.

These creatures are highly adaptable to their environment and can live just about anywhere. In fact, they can make themselves at home just as easily in a swamp as they can in a backwoods forest. But some of their favorite places to cause trouble is in the farmlands. They can tear up entire farms in a matter of hours, causing massive amounts of monetary damage to farmers.

Their sheer size is one reason they are so dangerous. Males can grow up to three feet tall at the shoulders and weigh 450 pounds. While this guy doesn't appear to max out the scales, he is a big boy. Hopefully, he won't find himself any nearby farmers to torment.

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