Texas Man Catches Monster-Sized Wild Hog in His Backyard

One Texas man bested an enormous wild hog that had plagued his property for years.

Joe Clowers, of Union Grove, Texas, killed a 416 lb. feral pig in his own backyard that had been terrorizing his property and killing fawns in the area.

"My property lays between some populated areas and I try to maintain an environment like a sanctuary or nursery for the deer to raise fawns," Clowers told the Houston Chronicle. "He was the big daddy. I called him the bush beast."

Wild hogs are an invasive species in Texas; the descendants of boars and sows brought to the new world by European settlers.

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Wild hogs are destructive and can be dangerous. They breed so fast and at such a young age that 70 percent of the herd must be culled each year just to keep the population stable. Because of that, there are no restrictions on hog hunting in Texas.

Clowers plans to mount the hog European style (meaning the cleaned skull will be mounted).

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Texas Man Catches Monster-Sized Wild Hog in His Backyard