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​​​​The Shade is Real Between Nicole Kidman and Giada De Laurentiis

We're used to seeing actress Nicole Kidman on the big screen, tugging on our heartstrings with her compelling acting skills and wowing us with her stunning red carpet outfits. We haven't seen her domestic side much, so fans were excited to see her learn some cooking skills from chef Giada De Laurentiis on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. No one could have predicted the awkward six minutes that then ensued.

The Cooking Begins

Nicole Kidman is famous for her many roles in movies and Netflix TV shows, from Big Little Lies to Boy Erased. The Hollywood celeb has given advice to Lady Gaga and been the voice to Daphne in Disney's The Lion King, but she's never made focaccia. As for celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, she owns a cooking show and specializes in Italian dishes, which she made very clear on this awkward episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired a few years ago.

On the show, Giada De Laurentiis shows Nicole Kidman and Ellen DeGeneres how to cook some of her signature Italian dishes. The Oscar-winning actress and the Food Network star are immediately off to a rocky start.

As the talk show's cooking segment starts, the three women begin rolling out arancini balls of leftover risotto, as instructed by Giada De Laurentiis. Laurentiis asked Kidman, "Nicole, have you ever made meatballs or anything?" in a subtle jab implying that Kidman doesn't know how to cook. Nicole Kidman responds with a silent side-eye, otherwise letting the comment pass.

De Laurentiis then exclaims with surprise "the woman who can't cook made the perfect ball!" fully driving the point home.

Awkward Moments

The lighthearted banter continues, as Giada De Laurentiis explains that "they're golden brown, they turn golden brown like that." Kidman turns to Ellen each time rather than acknowledging the chef, saying indignantly "I'm trying to learn!"

As the lesson continues, Giada De Laurentiis disappointedly says, "this is not going the way I was hoping."

"It's a Little Tough"

However, it's when the trio gets to the focaccia that things really start unraveling. After taking a difficult bite, Ellen politely says "it's good," to which Kidman replies candidly "it's a little tough."

They all crack up, and Laurentiis says "the ball has been sitting there for like five hours," and "this is exactly why I don't like doing this kind of thing!" Laurentiis is less than pleased, and Kidman then reiterates, "I know you're not supposed to criticize, but it's a little tough."

At the end of the segment, there is a long awkward silence, where the three look down and avoid each other's eye contact.

Giada De Laurentiis Returns

Later, Giada De Laurentiis bravely returns to the cooking segment of Ellen's show, with no Nicole Kidman to instruct. Ellen DeGeneres jokes, "Last time you were here, we had a few hiccups," DeGeneres said. "It was Nicole Kidman's fault."

However, it seems that De Laurentiis is destined to have an awkward time when cooking on The Ellen DeGeneres show, and she and Nicole Kidman are definitely not meant to be friends.

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