Are You Ready for Worldwide Naked Gardening Day?

If you're big into gardening and less into sweating through your clothes while doing so, then the holiday made for you is coming, and soon. Founded in 2005 by Mark Storey, consulting editor of Nude and Natural Magazine, and Jacob Gabriel, Worldwide Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) is a day to celebrate the earth for all it has to offer, and a chance to get back to our roots—most literally.

Storey and Gabriel are the masterminds behind the day, and Storey's work at Nude and Natural, a nudist and naturalist-centric magazine, brought about the day's creation to life in written form.

One may be under the impression that WNGD is a day to stroll around in your birthday suit without a care in the world. Though the idea behind this sentiment rings true for the holiday, that's not the primary reason for its existence. Once Storey joined forces with Gabriel, there was no looking back.

Being the permaculturalist that he is, Gabriel teamed up with Storey in efforts to support the Body Freedom Collaborative, a non-profit organization that's dedicated to the integration and acceptance of non-sexual nudity in various societal settings— both private and public. 

Since 2005, Storey has written multiple pieces to promote WNGD, and it's done precisely what he wished for it: to catch worldwide attention and participation. The day goes to show that you can be a part of a nudist society without it being deemed inappropriate.

While the viewing of this day has hit an international level, there's actually no one organization that leads it, and the founders haven't made any efforts to highly commercialize WNGD, either.

If you're looking to participate, you're reading this at just the right time! The date this year is Saturday, May 4. There's never been a more perfect time to plant those herbs in honor of National Herb Week, either!

Head to your local nursery or grocery store for those basil and cilantro seeds, or tend to your already bustling bushes of herbs in your own backyard!

Hey, summer's here and there's no better time than the present to strip down, pick some cilantro, and whip up a fresh bowl of salsa. The day is young, and in honor of WNGD, you have the right to remain nude.