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Georgia Man Pulls Stealthy Snake out of Gas Pump

One woman got the shock of her life when she stopped to fill up her car earlier this week.

Loren-Stacie Fleenor stopped by the Cowboys Shell gas station in Cedartown, Ga. when she noticed something slithering out of her gas pump. Brandon Radke was also at the station and jumped into action when heard the commotion. He gripped the nozzle and used his bare hands and a flannel shirt to slide it out of the pump.

Watch the insane moment unfold in the video below.

Although most of us would never grab a snake by the head, Radke says he wasn't too intimated. "I love snakes," Radke explained to KIRO 7. "Once you grab behind the head, it can't really reach around and get you."

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Thankfully, the unexpected guest was just a non-poisonous rat snake. He quickly released it back into the nearby woods, letting the crowd of onlookers at the gas station release a huge sigh of relief.

Although I wouldn't recommend trying this at home, you've got to give props to snake-whisperer Radke for getting the snake out calmly and carefully.

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