snake regurgitating
Screengrab via YouTube

Bizarre Video Shows Snake Regurgitating Another Live Snake in Texas

A bizarre (and slightly disgusting) video of a snake slithering out of another snake's mouth is going viral.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Christopher Reynolds was leaving his mother's house in Texas when he and his wife they spotted something curious. A snake seemed to be chowing down on its dinner while sitting in a nearby ditch. Reynolds decided to take some video of the slithering creature. Moments later, something bizarre happened.

Watch the footage below.

The massive black snake suddenly regurgitated an entire snake that was somehow still alive. "It felt threatened," Reynolds says while watching the bizarre moment unfold before his eyes. "This is crazy."

Both snakes quickly slither away from each other like nothing ever happened. Mother Nature is weird, man.

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Unsurprisingly, this crazy video has quickly made its way across the internet. And viewers have a lot of questions. How did that snake fit in the other snake? How is it still alive? What caused it to suddenly slither away unharmed?

It's hard to say, but it once again proves snakes are never to be messed with.

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