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Georgia Coffee Is Coca-Cola's Coffee That You've Never Tried

Did you know that Coca-Cola is from Georgia? Well, it is. Many Southerners prefer their Coke with peanuts, and some people swear the soft drink tastes better at McDonald's. All that said, these are American concepts. The Coca-Cola Company has its arms in many countries, though, like India, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. One of the most interesting branches of the company is in Japan. Why interesting, you ask? They're fairly experimental. One of the coolest things they offer is Georgia Coffee.

Georgia Coffee is ready-to-drink coffee from Coca-Cola Japan. It's named after Coca-Cola's home state because the brand is a Georgia original. This style, at times abbreviated to RTD (ready-to-drink), has its origins in Japan. No, Coca-Cola's Georgia Coffee wasn't the first RTD caffeine fix on the market. The Ueshima Coffee Company released the first canned coffee in 1969.

That being said, Georgia Coffee has been around since 1975. You can get the stuff from vending machines, and we think that's pretty cool. So why hasn't it hit the United States yet, especially when you consider that people love this Japanese coffee. According to the All Japan Coffee Association (AJCA), 462,000 tons of coffee were consumed in Japan in 2015. That's a lot of coffee and those are a lot of coffee lovers.

Don't get us wrong; Americans love great coffee, too. We don't quite have the vending machine concentration that Japan does, though. They have the highest density of vending machines in the entire world. Since Georgia Coffee is sold in vending machines, it's no wonder that so many people regular choose this cold coffee beverage from the popular brand.

That aside, you can get many cold brews in the States today. No, it's not Georgia Coffee's variety. It is incredibly trendy, though, and if you ask us tastes much better than an iced coffee.

America's answer to this came when Dunkin' Donuts and Coca-Cola teamed up. You've heard of The Gold Peak tea, right? If you haven't seen it yet, The Gold Peak also has its own RTD (refresher, that's ready-to-drink) coffee drink.

No, The Gold Peak isn't the world's most popular RTD coffee. Have we not mentioned that yet? Oh, yeah; Georgia Coffee is the world's highest grossing coffee beverage. Stopping in Japan soon? Hit a vending machine and let us know how the stuff tastes!

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