The 10 Best George Strait Love Songs, Ranked

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The King of Country music, George Strait, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved country artists of his generation, with well-known hits like "Troubadour," "The Man in Love With You," "Baby Blue," "It Just Comes Natural," "Easy Come Easy Go," "Blue Clear Sky," "All My Ex's Live in Texas" and "Amarillo by Morning".

It should come as no surprise that he also has some of the all-time best love songs out there. I really enjoy his more romantic material, which has definitely made its rounds on the wedding receptions songs list over the past 30 years. His country songs are classics so there's a reason he has so many number one hits. With the help of his Ace in the Hole band, Strait has gone down in history as one of Nashville's greats.

Here are the 10 best George Strait love songs, ranked for you to add to your country playlist.

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10. "Carrying Your Love With Me"

Written by Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens, this Billboard chart-topper is considered one of the best George Strait songs but also one the best songs of the '90s, period. After all, love is everything. Strait was nominated for Best Male Country Vocal Performance at the 1998 Grammy Awards for this song about a man who even though he has to leave home for long periods of time, still loves his significant other.

9. "I Cross My Heart"

One of the country star's greatest hits comes from the Pure Country soundtrack, with the music video for this number one hit completely made up of footage from the film, Pure Country, which starred Strait in his acting debut alongside Lesley Ann Warren.

8. "You're Something Special To Me"

This twangy love tune peaked at number four on the charts. I love how laid back and cool Strait is as he sings about how his loved one made all his dreams come true. Can someone talk to me like this, please?

7. "Carried Away"

His 30th number one in 1996 (the man is superhuman), "Carried Away" is a true romantic ballad. It was nominated for single of the year at the 1997 CMA Awards and really stands the test of the time. It's just that good.

According to Taste of Country, songwriters Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens wanted to write a massively appealing love song. "We turned it into an all positive love song because it would appeal to a broader audience than a personal message would."

6. "You Look So Good In Love"

An '80s throwback from Strait and of course another No. 1 hit, "You Look So Good In Love," is just a timeless ballad. The song follows the narrator reflecting on how his ex looks happy with her new relationship and how he's sad he couldn't have made her that happy. Apparently, George made a music video and had it removed from the air because he didn't like how it turned out.

5. "Right or Wrong"

Another '80s hit, I just love the upbeat rhythm of the song and the simple message in the lyrics. "Right or wrong, I'm still in love with you". It's just a sweet song that will make you smile. The tune was made famous by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys and became a Western swing standard.

4. "I Just Want to Dance With You"

His 42nd No. 1 hit makes me feel like he's singing to me on an island with a margarita in hand. The breezy vibes and delicate guitar make it a true classic and honestly always makes me want to dance, even if it's just in my living room.

3. "If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')"

This 1988 single was originally recorded by country music artist Faron Young.

2. "Let's Fall to Pieces Together"

This 1984 tune follows the story of two people who have lost their loved ones who meet at a jukebox and decide to spend time together to take their minds off mourning. The song was yet another No. 1 for a reason. Not only is it incredibly catchy, but I love the story of two people leaning on each other instead of being alone in their grief.

1. "Check Yes or No"

An obvious number one on this list, "Check Yes or No," was number one on the charts for four weeks in 1996. It's a classic country love story following a boy and a girl starting when they are in grade school and until he proposes. It's sweet, guaranteed to make you smile, and will always be one of my favorite songs from Strait.

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The 10 Best George Strait Love Songs, Ranked