Garth Brooks
Screengrab via YouTube

Watch Garth Brooks Endure the 'Worst Interview Ever'

Garth Brooks is known for being one of the friendliest people in the music industry. But how will he handle his worst interview ever?

Radio host Nick Kessler is known for intentionally putting country artists through the wringer for his cringe-worthy series "Worst Interview Ever." During his filmed segments, he asks some of the most awkward and painful questions you can imagine.

This time around, he transforms into a giddy Brooks super fan. But let's be honest - this is something Garth probably experiences multiple times a day. So it's no surprise that he handles the interview like a champ.

Watch the awkward exchange below.

While Brooks takes it all in stride, the side-eye he gives Kessler really says it all. Unsurprisingly, the seasoned country star had one of the most relaxed encounters with the notorious radio DJ from Albany, N.Y.

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In the past, Kessler has interviewed Tyler Farr, Toby Keith, The Band Perry and more. So which country star is his next target? Sam Hunt? Luke Bryan? I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

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