This Radio Host Puts Country Stars Through Their ‘Worst Interview Ever’

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Nick Kessler is pranking country singers and taping it for us all to see, and the results are hilarious. Kessler works for Albany, N.Y. radio station WGNA, where he’s conducting a series of one-on-one interviews called Worst Interview Ever. In the segments, he sits down with country stars and tries to make it as awkward as possible (think a country, more docile version of Between Two Ferns).

As Billboard reported in August, Kessler came up with the idea for the funny series himself, but no one wanted to play the part of the interviewer. So, he decided to do it himself, and we’re glad he did. Pretending to be a nervous, clumsy and ill-informed interviewer, Kessler tries to create an uncomfortable environment. In the videos, he constantly fumbles with his yellow legal pads and asks really bizarre and random questions.

Mike Eli of the Eli Young Band

In this hilarious interview with Eli, Kessler continues to call him Eli Young. Eli is a good sport about it all and just laughs it off.

American Idol winner Trent Harmon

This is just too good. You can see Harmon trying to be kind throughout the awkward interview, but at the end, you can hear him mutter “that was bad.” In this one, Kessler spills water everywhere and even asks for a critique on his singing.

Kip Moore

Moore actually seems to get quite annoyed in this interview, which makes it even more hilarious to watch.

Toby Keith

Keith’s interview is simply the best. He really gets into it and doesn’t even mind signing a Build-A-Bear’s birth certificate for Kessler. Keith even answers honestly when Kessler asks how much money he makes. Either Keith knew this was all a joke, or he’s the nicest person in the world.

We don’t know how long Kessler can continue the prank interview series before the word gets out, but we’re hoping he’s able to make a few more videos for our viewing pleasure.

You can check out the entire Worst Interview Ever series on the station’s Youtube page.

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This Radio Host Puts Country Stars Through Their ‘Worst Interview Ever’