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Garth Brooks Gives Lucky Couple a Gift They'll Never Forget

Garth Brooks gave one lucky couple an impromptu gift that nearly brought them to tears.

At his third of five sold out shows in Cincinnati, Brooks singled out a fan in the crowd. In a recorded video, you can see Brooks performing his 1995 hit "She's Every Woman." Then, he notices a woman holding a sign with the song title.

Brooks directs his attention to the woman, who clearly is over the moon. Then, he brings her towards the stage and shakes her hand. She introduces herself as Jessica.

"Here's the crazy thing," Brooks says. "That song is older than you are." He asks her why she made a sign for that song in particular. As it turns out, Jessica and her husband Jake danced to that song at their wedding.

Brooks then gives her his guitar pick, to which the U.S. Bank Arena crowd goes wild. And then — he gives her his guitar capo for Jake. Cue twice the crowd noise.

"But as a couple," Brooks says. "I tell you what. How about you take this." He unbuckles his guitar from his guitar strap and hands it over. The crowd goes wild, and Jessica covers her face in disbelief. It's a really cool moment, and you can see it all here:

According to Guitar Center, the instrument — a Garth Brooks signature model Takamine GB76 — costs around $1,500. But one played by the man himself? While he played the song you danced to at your wedding? Well, that's beyond priceless.

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Garth will soon travel to Memphis, Tenn. before also hitting Canada, New York and Lubbock, Texas. With no foreseeable end in sight to his monster, record-setting comeback tour, Brooks just keeps making dreams come true, one show at a time.

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