The Most Popular Game Day Snack in Every State + 50 Recipes

For a good portion of the country, football season means snacks, beers, and yelling at the television — sometimes not in that order. No matter your team allegiance, or how diehard your fan base is, you're always going to be settling in with your Fantasy Football League or your family to have some good brews, snacks, and fun. However, do all states eat the same game day snacks on Sunday? Here's a list of the most popular game day snack in every state.

Football fans at DirectTV scoured Instagram to find out exactly what fans were eating in every state on football Sundays.

In Wyoming, burritos are the clear winner because of the access to fresh, local beef.  In Texas, it's all about the tacos. In states like Nevada and Florida, vegan snacks are sharing the spotlight on game day courtesy of dishes like vegan sloppy Joes and chipotle nachos.

States like Montana, Kansas, and Maine are completely changing the game by snacking on things like pancakes and eggs Benedict. Yes, breakfast at halftime is a thing.

For the most part, the most liked snacks were savory, but some sweets-style snacks like ice cream got some love.

Want to know where you state stands in the game day snack decision? Read on.

Alabama: Corn Dogs

Regardless of the fact that corn dogs were created in 1942 for the Texas State Fair, Alabama sport fans love this snack on a stick for game day.

Make your own here.

Alaska: Roast

Game hunting is very popular in Alaska. It's no wonder that roasts are all the rage on game day. Venison roast is one that never disappoints on Super Bowl Sunday.

Make your own here.

Arizona: Pizza

Chains like the Arizona Pizza Company and the Brooklyn Pizza Company in Tucson make pizza the popular choice for game day eats in Arizona.

Make your own here.

Arkansas: Pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The mantra is tried and true in Arkansas where syrup sits in the spotlight on game day.

Make your own game day themed pancakes here.

California: Mozzarella Sticks

They may be eating avocado topped salads during the week, but come Sunday, Californians are ditching the diet in favor of mozzarella sticks.

Make your own here.

Colorado: Chicken and Waffles

The Denver Biscuit Company boasts some of the best biscuit fried chicken topped biscuits in Colorado.

It's a game day favorite and one you can try out yourself with this recipe.

Connecticut: Steak

Grilled, broiled or turned into a sandwich. Doesn't matter how you like your steak as long as you are eating it on game day in Connecticut.

Make your own here.

Delaware: Pizza

Delaware is packed with great pizza places, making the choice of which to order from on game day a hard one.

Make your own here.

Florida: Vegan

Plant-based restaurants are on the rise in the Sunshine State. Florida-based vegan chain, Choices Cafe, has opened its fifth location and fans love a vegan option on game day. One of their fan favorites is the vegan chipotle nachos.

Make your own here.

Georgia: Hash Browns

Who doesn't love hash browns? It's the snack of choice in Georgia on game day.

Make your own skillet style on game day here.

Hawaii: Cheese

Some of Hawaii's most iconic flavor profiles are the perfect accompaniment to a killer cheese plate.

Think pineapple, guava, coffee and nuts. Make your Hawaiian cheese ball here. 

Idaho: Beef

Grass-fed Idaho beef is some of the best in the country. The valleys of Eastern and Northwest Idaho are ideal for grazing cattle. Locals have gotten creative with beef preparation and are the brains behind the Idaho-style Finger Steaks.

Make your own here.

Illinois: French Fries

Former President and Chicago native Barack Obama is a huge fan of French fries (Five Guys is his fave). He loves them so much, Michelle vowed to "take a break" from fries in 2014.

Don't worry, Barack. Illinois has your back. Make your own here.

Indiana: Pizza

Easy-to-eat pizza is the way to go on game day in Indiana. Guy Fieri made a pitstop to Indiana Pizza Cuz on his Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives because the state is so nuts about the stuff.

Make your own here.

Iowa: Chicken

Iowa ranks #1 for national egg production, probably because they are home to so many chickens.

Augusta Restaurant in Iowa City is some of the best fried chicken in the state. Make your own here.

Kansas: Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is the way most football fans like to start game day in Kansas.

Make your own here.

Kentucky: Chili Cheese Dogs

Not just any hot dog will do on game day in Kentucky. It's got to have cheese and lots of chili.

Make your own here.

Louisiana: Jambalaya

Jambalaya originated in southern Louisiana by the Cajuns who populated the bayou.

Food was scarce there, so they creatively came up with a recipe that honored their French, Spanish and African descents. Make your own here.

Maine: Eggs Benedict

Brunch is big in Maine. Most likely due to the fact that Eggs Benedict gets dressed up with luscious chunks of lobster.

Make your own here.

Maryland: Cheese

The cheese scene in Baltimore is getting serious. Maryland has 26 cheesemakers, which is 24 more than just a decade ago.

So, on game day, a good cheese plate is a must. What's even better? Cheese shot glasses. Make your own here.

Massachusetts: Hot Wings

Sure you could hop a flight to Buffalo. But in New England, they decided to perfect the humble chicken wing into something game day fans can't live without.

Make your own here.

Michigan: Burgers

Michigan has a roster of restaurants famous for their burger game. Some version of meat on a bun is a must at a Michigan game day celebration.

Make your recipe here.

Minnesota: Burgers

In Minnesota, a game day staple is a Juicy Lucy - a South Minneapolis creation that takes burgers to a whole new level.

This Gopher state exclusive is made by stuffing two thin burger patties with ball of American cheese, then grilling. Make your own here.

Mississippi: Eggs Benedict

Foodies in Mississippi love to spend a lazy game day lounging at brunch over Eggs Benedict before gluing themselves to the television.

Why leave your house when you can make your own here?

Missouri: Pizza

St. Louis-style pizza is a distinct type of pizza popular in Missouri. The pie has to have a thin crust (made without yeast) and is topped with Provel cheese.

Instead of triangle slices, St. Louis-style pizza is cut into rectangles and is the ideal game day snack. Make your own here.

Montana: Eggs Benedict

Game meat like elk and venison makes an appearance in Montana when Eggs Benedict is on the menu.

They are particularly popular on game day when making the most of a meal counts. Make your own here.

Nebraska: Beef

Cities like Omaha are serious about steak. They are home to Omaha Steaks, after all. So, beef loving football fans like to fill their Sunday plates up.

Steak salsa appetizers are a great game day option. Make your own here.

Nevada: Vegan

Vegan game day options like veggie burgers and vegan sloppy joes are becoming more and more popular in states like Nevada where meatless days are on the rise.

Make your own here.

New Hampshire: Cheese

Dairies, cheesemakers and wine and cheese trails make cheese an important staple in the game day diet in New Hampshire.

Dishes like cheese soup are particularly popular. Make your own here.

New Jersey: Jambalaya

Jambalaya is popular in Garden State counties like Bergen, Union and more the popular Fat Tuesday dish is a game day favorite.

Make your own here.

New Mexico: Onion Rings

Game day fans love their onion rings in New Mexico. The southwestern version calls for spices like cayenne, chili and cumin and a batter made with buttermilk.

Make your own here.

New York: Fried Chicken

Celeb chefs like David Chang helped make fried chicken a Sunday staple when he stuffed mini fried breasts into slider-sized buns.

Make your own here.

North Carolina: Sausage

Country sausage is a favorite in North Carolina where game day Instagram feeds are full of photos of stuffed, grilled and sandwich-style sausage.

Make your own here.

North Dakota: Chicken

Chicken will always be a fan favorite for its versatility and flavor profile.

Fans in North Dakota love it on game day and many get creative with recipes like bacon wrapped chicken. Make your own here.

Ohio: Hot Dogs

In Cincinnati, a hot dog topped with Cincinnati-style chili is called a 'coney'. Top it with cheese and it's a 'cheese coney' and a must on game day in Ohio.

Make your own here.

Oklahoma: Chicken

Garlic Grilled Chicken Thighs

Lyndsay Burginger

A reported 3.1 billion Americans eat chicken on Super Bowl Sunday. Shake things up and make our Garlic Grilled Chicken Thighs one to snack on the entire game.

Make your own here.

Oregon: Roast

Oregon locals are onto something by favoring a roast on game day. The beauty in a roast beef is that you can have it two ways.

Whole on game day and in sandwich form for leftovers. Make your own here.

Pennsylvania: Cheese

Cheese making is considered an art in places like Amish and PA Dutch counties in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Want to try making your own? It's possible here.

Rhode Island: Pumpkin

Pumpkin passion is real in Rhode Island where game day fans take to the internet to post their love of all things orange. Pumpkin soup is perfect on a chilly game day.

Make your own here.

South Carolina: Cheese

Pimento cheese is a popular game day favorite in South Carolina.

Based out of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, this is a brand of pimento cheese made from sharp Wisconsin cheddar and is great on crackers. Make your own here.

South Dakota: Vegan

With options like crispy tofu fingers, it's no wonder South Dakota football fans are making meatless menus a game day staple.

Make yours here.

Tennessee: French Fries

The truffle fries at Burger Up in Nashville are considered some of the best the state has to offer.

Make your own here.

Texas: Tacos

As if tacos weren't perfect already, Texans took the game day favorite one step further and created a version with a nacho cheese shell instead of a tortilla one.

Make your own here.

Utah: Pumpkin

Utah is famous for its farmland, much of which is used to grow award-winning pumpkins. On game day, though, it's every pumpkin for itself.

Especially when it comes to pie. Make your own here.

Vermont: Burger

When you've got the whole country coming after you for your cheddar, why wouldn't you put it on a game day burger?

Make your own here.

Virginia: Fried Chicken

Some say the best fried chicken in Virginia is at a gas station. Other argue that a food truck holds the best breast in the state.

Wherever you get it from, make sure you get it on game day. Make your own here.

Washington: Roast

There's no better stuffing for a pork roast than Washington apples.

On game day, it fills your sweet and savory cravings and makes the most out of local ingredients in Washington state. Make your own here.

West Virginia: Cheese

A healthy goat population make goat cheese from West Virginia some of the best in the country.

Throw some on a salad for the perfect game day health food option. Make your own here.

Wisconsin: Pasta

Baked pasta casseroles are great on game day for feeding a crowd. Sprinkled with easy-melting Wisconsin cheese and you've got a game day feast.

Make your own here.

Wyoming: Burritos

In Wyoming, shredded local beef is the best stuffed into a burrito on game day.

The cattle industry is the largest component of the state's agriculture, so it's available and it's delicious. Make your own here.

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