Cockroaches & Root Canals: 3 Things Diehard Football Fans Would Do for a Super Bowl Win

What would you do to see your team win the Super Bowl? Would you wear a Charlie Chaplin costume from now until the big game? How about foregoing, say, your bonus? Would you call your best friend, a Patriots fan, "King Winnie Winner" for a year? There are many things that true fans would sacrifice in order to see their guys take a W on Super Bowl Sunday.

Many of those things, it seems, are both wild and food-related. Here are some of the most insane things diehard football fans would do for a Super Bowl win. We Are Fanatics ran some polls that shed light on who truly has the most dedicated fans. Let's start with a tasty one.

Carolina Panthers fans narrowly beat out Rams fans for being the most likely to eat cock roaches for a W. Sounds putrid. After all of those cock roaches, surely your teeth would feel a bit hairy. Why brush, though? You can just get a root canal to fix things up.

The Minnesota Vikings fanbase shattered its competition here. A grand total of 80.56% of fans would willingly get a root canal to see their boys win. Rams fans took second for this one, too, trailing way back at 66.67%.

It's hard to gain weight without eating food. In order to gain, say, 100 pounds, one would have to eat a lot of wings at the tailgate.

Vikings fans were the most willing to gain 100 pounds, too. They'd probably want to eat the food pre-root canal. Second place? The Jacksonville Jaguars fanatics. Do they realize just how much 100 pounds is? Woof.

We don't want to think about how many cock roaches one would need to eat to gain 100 pounds. What we do know, though, is from this small polling the Vikings have the most diehard fanbase.

Do you disagree? Would you eat something crazier to see your boys win the Super Bowl? We're dying to know, but we won't get a root canal to find out.

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