10 Funny Scary Movies For a Laugh-Filled Halloween

Have a laugh -- and a scream -- with our frightfully funny picks.

At first glance, comedy and horror appear to be completely opposite genres. After all, happiness and fear are on opposite ends of the emotion wheel, the former being associated with pleasure and the latter being associated with extreme discomfort. But when you look closer at the two, the comedy and horror genres evoke the intended emotions from an audience using strikingly similar methods. Both revel in the absurd. Both construct their stories by going over the top. Even their byproducts — a laugh at a comedy film and a scream at a horror film — are created by setting an audience up and taking them by surprise (probably why we see so many comedy writers and directors branching out into horror — Jordan Peele, David Gordon Greene, and Kevin Smith are just a few names that come to mind.)

Despite these similarities, films that blend comedy and horror are somewhat of a rarity, which is a shame because we find belly laughs and cries of terror pair quite well in the moviegoing experience. Here are ten films that do an excellent job of delivering both, from a romp through the zombie-infested streets of Los Angeles to the laboratory of Frankenstein's estate to a quiet suburb stirred by a trio of kooky witches.

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