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97-year-old Kay's Lasting Legacy is Her Famous Fudge Recipe

The message written on a headstone typically includes words of wisdom, the values of the deceased, or a brief summary of their life. However, a headstone in the Logan Cemetery in Utah is a little less conventional in the sweetest way. Kathryn "Kay" Andrews was beloved for many attributes, but one of the most memorable gifts she gave to the world during her life was her legendary fudge recipe.

Kathryn Andrews and Her Fudge

When someone passes away, they live on in the imprints they made on others and in the memories of those they love. These memories may involve the person's bad jokes, loveable attributes, or even an annoying quirk that made them who they are. In the case of Kathryn Andrews, she will live on forever through her delicious fudge, which was known as the best fudge in town.

Kathryn Andrews' headstone is in the Logan Cemetery in Utah, next to that of her longtime husband, Wade Andrews. Their love story is worthy of a romantic comedy, starting with a one-time date and lasting a lifetime.

Janice Johnson, her daughter, says "She was crazy about him from the beginning."

A Love Story

Kay had just moved from Utah to New York City to study fashion and design. Both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she and Wade met at a church function held in NYC.

They connected instantly and then met up for one dinner date at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Wade was a U.S. Air Force Captain and was leaving for war the next day, so after their date the pair parted ways.

However, Kay had made an impression, so they then proceeded to send hundreds of letters until his Air Force duties were through.

When Wade's pilot duties were over, he flew straight to Salt Lake City, where Kay was living at the time. He brought her to the steps of the Capital, popped the question, and they were married less than three weeks later.

Kay and Andrew Wade proceeded to have five children together, and then moved around the country, from Michigan to Ohio to Colorado as Wade worked to become a Sociology professor. Eventually, the two landed in Logan, Utah, where they would spend the rest of their days.

"Kay" Andrews

Kay lived until the age of 97, passing away in 2019, 19 years after her beloved Wade. Throughout her long life, she was known as a loving and giving member of the community, and her amazing homemade fudge was one way that she spread happiness wherever she went.

"She really loved people. She would write poetry, and she would take fudge whenever people got together," Johnson said.

Johnson recalled that her mother always had Tootsie Rolls in her purse to give to children she might see as she went about her day.

Kay's Famous Headstone

Kay had helped choose the images on her late husband's headstone when he passed away in 2000. When her children asked what she wanted to have on her own headstone, she was certain that her no-bake fudge recipe was something she'd like to share with the world.

Her foolproof recipe reads:



Her headstone was already growing in popularity before she passed away, a fact that made Kay very happy. However, when the headstone was first created, it had a typo calling for a "tablespoon" of vanilla extract rather than a teaspoon, which can cause "runny fudge," as explained by Johnson.

Fortunately, the headstone's chocolate fudge recipe is now accurate, reading one teaspoon instead. It doesn't specify whether to use milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate, so it's safe to assume that you can choose based on your chocolate preferences.

Make Your Own!

Although Kay's stovetop recipe looks delicious, you can always add your own spin to create your own fantasy fudge, adding in crunchy or sweet mix-ins like chopped walnuts, pecans, marshmallows, oreos, peppermint candy canes, or even cranberries.

As for the heat level, some recipes call for using a candy thermometer and double boiler, but as long as you cook on medium heat and keep an eye on your fudge, it should turn out fine. It's best to use a rubber spatula when pouring your fudge out onto a marbled slab or prepared pan to get every last bit!

You can also use chocolate chips in place of a chocolate bar if that's what you have on hand, using peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips or semi-sweet chocolate chips to make the perfect fudge. The easiest fudge is made in the microwave, includes only a few ingredients, and has a prep time of 1 minute and a total time of only 3 minutes!

No matter which fudge recipe you use, there's no need to refrigerate it when you're done. Just store at room temperature in an airtight container and enjoy. Whether or not you make Kay's famous fudge recipe, I can't think of a better or more valuable legacy to leave behind.

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