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Free McDonald's Fries on Fridays: How to Take Advantage of the Deal

When it comes to McDonald's, there's one thing that most folks can agree on: the French fries. Even if you can't stand the McChicken or the Big Mac, you've probably been known to sneak a few free fries from your friend's orders. Luckily, McDonald's is letting us indulge in its famous fast food fries in a new promotion for the mobile McDonald's app. Part of Free Fries Friday, you can put in a mobile order through the app and receive a free Medium fries. There is a catch, though.

In partnership with Apple Pay, those McDonald's fries won't be free unless you use Apply Pay at checkout in the mobile order app. You'll receive the free McDonald's Medium fries without question if it's Friday and you ordered through Apple Pay, so there are no coupon codes to remember. All you have to do is get your mobile ordering on and pick up! Download the app here.

This isn't the only good deal McDonald's has right now, either. With any $1 purchase through the McDonald's app, you'll receive a free Medium McCafe beverage. You can also receive $2 off any Signature Crafted Recipes Sandwich through the mobile ordering app, but you have to use the Apple Pay promo to get the deal.

It seems that McDonald's is falling in line with the mobile ordering trend whereas brands like Chipotle and Jimmy John's have long touted mobile ordering as an easy way to skip the lines.

When you download the app, you won't have to remember these exclusive deals as you'll receive notifications (if you want) on the latest promotion the brand is offering. Will you use the mobile pay option to take advantage of your free fries at McDonald's?

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