Former ‘American Idol’ Contestant Opens Up About Depression And Challenges After Having Baby
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Former ‘American Idol’ Contestant Opens Up About Depression And Challenges After Having Baby

You may remember Tranea Cannon when she appeared on Season 14 of American Idol. She was in the top 20 of the show before being voted off. After leaving the show, Cannon was excited about her career prospects, but she ended up getting pregnant. That's when her career took a turn, and she faced hardships.

"I really love my music. I was pursuing my music career in Atlanta," Cannon told Local 10. Cannon was in Atlanta pursuing her career. She ended up moving back to Florida to stay with her parents. "I made a mistake — I say it's my mistake — I made a mistake and got pregnant."

"I didn't like it. But I had to make that choice for the health of my babies, because I was pregnant with two babies," she explained. However, one of the twins ended up dying before birth. "One passed away and God blessed me to also keep the other one, which is Titus, and he's really a blessing. I wouldn't change it for the world, so I can take back that mistake. He's a blessing from God."

Cannon decided to put her music aspirations on hold to focus on being a parent. However, the former American Idol contestant struggled to raise a baby. She soon fell into a depression.

"I really had no clue what to do," she said. "I was home with my baby. After five months, I had to figure out where to place — I didn't have daycare — had nothing.... I was in a really depressed state of mind, so that's when God led me to HMHB."

'American Idol' Contestant Finds Support

Cannon reached out to Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies to help her in her time of need. They need up being a real blessing in her life, helping to give her the support that she needed.

"I don't have to pay for daycare. She blessed me with daycare, which is $298 a week, which is a lot of money. I was flabbergasted because I didn't think it was real. I didn't think there was an organization to help me," Cannon said. They also helped with diapers and gave her support for child-rearing. "God has sent me a foundation of guardian angels, which is HMHB."

Cannon was able to get her own place with their support. The American Idol singer said she don't know where she would be otherwise.

"I say I was like at a 3. I'm at a 12 right now because I have my own place, I have my beautiful son, I'm gonna start my music career again — nothing is going to hold me back," Cannon said.

"I would like to just give them a big hug and say I love them and I'm thankful and grateful for everything they've done for me, because if I didn't have them, I don't know where I would be, or if it would be possible because I was at a really low totem, and just looking back and thinking about it, I'm just grateful," Cannon continued.