Iconic 'American Idol' Producer Exits After 22 Years Following HR Investigation
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Iconic 'American Idol' Producer Exits After 22 Years Following HR Investigation Last Year

An iconic American Idol producer is stepping away from the show after 22 years. Wylleen May has been on the show since the beginning. However, Fremantle recently let the producer go.

May was the Executive in Charge of Production. She had been a part of the show going back to its Fox Days. However, Season 22 ended up being her last on the show.

"It is hard to express the gratitude I have to the team at Fremantle and American Idol, the place I knew as home for the last 22 years. It may sound cliche, but it was my absolute honor to work day in and day out with people I consider to be some of the most talented, dedicated, and devoted in the business. I will miss you terribly," she said in a statement to Deadline.

She continued, "That being said, I am sad to be leaving. I will forever cherish my time with Idol, and hope I am remembered for my experience, passion, and dedication to my role. All we want for ourselves is to know that our work had a lasting impact. I am excited for my next journey, and what that will bring. Sometimes you need a little push forward, and I am grateful for all of it - beginning, middle, and end."

'American Idol' Producer Leaves

May's departure isn't exactly of her own doing. However, she denied that it was related to any investigation into her actions. An HR investigation launched in 2023, investigating May.

"Unfortunately, my exit has been the subject of hurtful speculation and innuendo. Yes, at the end of 2023, I was the subject of an HR investigation following a complaint about how I interacted with certain members of my team. I fully and completely cooperated with this investigation, and it was closed quickly without any action taken. The decision to move on from me to a new EIC is not related, and any implication otherwise is completely misleading and inaccurate," she added.

Meanwhile, a representative also commented on May's departure. They expressed appreciation for her work on the show.

"Wylleen has played a crucial role in helping build the lasting legacy of American Idol over the course of 22 seasons. She steered the production to enduring success, and we are deeply grateful for her contributions and dedication to the show. The decision to make staffing changes for the next season was not based on the conclusion of any investigation," a Fremantle spokeswoman told Deadline.